Coronation Street shares very clever tricks used to create Tyrone and Alina’s socially-distanced kiss

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Coronation Street fans have been hooked to the latest love triangle storyline between Fiz, Tyrone and Alina.

But when sparks flew between Tyrone and Alina recently and they gave into growing temptation and locked lips, viewers were left wondering how the actors had filmed a romantic scene due to strict Covid filming guidelines.

Now the popular ITV soap has shared the behind the scenes secrets of that particular scene, revealing the clever tricks they used to pull it off.

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In a short clip released on Corrie’s social Twitter account, fans will see that actors Alan Halsall and Ruxandra Porojnicu, who play Tyrone and Alina, actually filmed their parts of the scene separately.

The shots were later put together in post-production to make it appear that they were sitting next to one another on a memorial bench in the Victoria Gardens set.

And to make sure that it looked believable to viewers watching from their living rooms, the crew taped a pair of sunglasses onto a telescopic radio aerial so that both Alan and Ruxandra had something to look at to create the illusion that they were staring into one another’s eyes.

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Once the takes were in the bag, it was time to bring in body doubles – and real-life partners – for the kiss.

Regular Corrie extra Alex Mulvaney and his partner Hannah stepped in to record the scene, acting as Tyrone and Alina as they have their forbidden smooch.

Speaking about filming the scene Alex said: “My agent said that Coronation Street needed extras who were in a support bubble and because I used to be an extra three times a week and they knew half of my family had done extra work on the show it worked out perfectly.”

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He continued: “My partner, Hannah, hadn’t done any extra work before, but my agent knew she had dark hair like Alina’s so I asked her if she wanted to do it."

"Hannah was nervous at first, but she is a big Coronation Street fan. I had been on set many times before, and I was able to talk her through what to expect and she was a bit starstruck when she saw the actors.”

Praising the cast and crew for continuing to film such good drama in these turbulent times, Alex said he thought it was an amazing achievement that he was glad to be even a small part of.

Alex explained: “I thought it was a really inventive idea, especially the sunglasses on the car aerial to keep the actors’ eye line.”

“Given what is going on in the world this was the best way to do it safely. It was a really enjoyable day and it was clear that all the cast and staff follow COVID rules strictly. The organisation and care taken is second to none.”

Coronation Street continues weekdays on ITV

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