Coronation Street spoilers: Abi Franklin proposes to Kevin Webster after saving him from Ray Crosby’s murder attempt

ABI Franklin proposes to Kevin Webster in hospital after saving him from Ray Crosby’s murder attempt. 

Debbie Webster framed Ray’s death and offered him a new life abroad in exchange for control over his businesses in recent scenes in the ITV soap. 

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But Ray will go beserk this week when he sneaks into the bistro and overhears Debbie sharing her plan to double cross him with her accountant – and locks her and Kevin in the bistro’s walk-in freezer. 

Next week’s episodes of Corrie will see Abi grow worried when she hears that Debbie was last seen going into the bistro.

When Kevin and Debbie hear a noise in the bistro, they yell out as loudly as they can but Abi doesn’t hear them.

Later, Abi is shocked to hear that Kevin never turned up at Jack’s camping trip and decides to get to the bottom of what’s going on. 

Viewers will see Debbie and Kevin encourage each other to keep moving as they start to stiffen up.

Abi tells Seb that Ray seems to have signed everything over to Debbie who’s since disappeared along with Kevin. 

A suspicious Abi enlists Faye’s help to access the bistro computer and look for clues, and the pair are shocked to hear noises coming from inside the freezer.

Abi manages to force open the door and is horrified to find Kevin and Debbie slumped on the floor. 

As they’re loaded into an ambulance, Kevin reveals it was Ray who locked them in. 

Meanwhile, Ray’s accountant hands over his passport and flight details. 

Viewers will then see Ray waiting in the airport lounge for his flight to Turkey.

Will he manage to escape the country?

Meanwhile, Abi gets down on one knee at the hospital and proposes to Kevin, who says yes.

Will it be happy ever after for Kevin and Abi or might Ray strike again?

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