Coronation Street viewers point out blunder with Alya Nazi scene

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On Wednesday night’s instalment of Coronation Street, the residents were thrown into chaos after discovering Griff (Michael Condron) and his gang of thugs had put a bomb in Alya’s (Sair Khan) car. However, viewers have called out the show bosses as they compared the scenes to a pantomime.

At the start of the episode, Griff and his gang were out camping when they instructed Max (Paddy Bever)  to stay clear of the peace market, heavily suggesting that something was going down.

After speaking to Lauren, who had also been told to keep away, the duo started to fear that the group had planned something drastic.

Trying to diffuse the situation, Max ran to Yasmeen (Shelley King) and Alya to reveal that he knows their van had been stolen the night before and believed Griff had tampered with it to put them in danger.

Although they initially didn’t believe Max, aware of his association with the racist gang, they decided to inspect the vehicle to be certain.

Finding a wire out of place, Alya followed it to reveal that there was a bomb in the van with a timer.

Shocked, the trio were sent into a state of panic as they had to decide the best way to get the explosive as far away from the residents as the countdown began.

Realising there wasn’t enough time to wait for the police to arrive, Alya heroically got into the vehicle and said she would drive it as far away as possible while Yasmeen and Max were instructed to get everyone to safety in case there were more around.

With the bomb ticking as Alya drove far away, viewers feared that this would be the end of the Coronation Street character as the explosion was imminent.

With 10 seconds left, she managed to get the van to the canal where a small explosion went off just as Alya went to get her phone to answer her grandma’s phone call.

However, despite the device being driven far away, it seemed that the residents were able to hear the bomb go off as people all looked to the sky in terror.

As viewers took to social media to fear for Alya’s life, they were left confused when she was later shown out of the vehicle on the floor a few feet away from the explosion.

A worried Yasmeen was later seen at home worried that her granddaughter didn’t make it out of the car in time before PC Craig Tinker walked in with Alya in hand.

Admitting that he found her walking around confused, he told them that she had refused to be taken to the hospital to be checked over.

Although watching the scenes unfold, viewers were left less than impressed as they called out the show for its blunder.

JFDT29 added: “So Alya drove for 10 minutes supposedly and got just round the corner judging by the blast, but was then able to walk back home in about 2 minutes staggering while being injured #Corrie”

Tonyboy777 added: “How pathetic these soaps are getting. And how could they hear the explosion after she had been driving for 10 minutes. #soaps #corrie”

Ben6987 commented: “Please Corrie the explosion Ayla had 2 seconds before it went off and now she’s alive and walking it’s all but too much to believe #corrie”

@Eley01 said: “Not Alya driving for 10 mins but everyone still hearing the explosion hahahahahaha #corrie”

Ben6987 added: “Ayla cannot have survived that even though it was probably the worst explosion Wethersfield has seen #corrie”

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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