Coronation Street’s Gary Windass will be dangerous after finding out Sarah Platt shopped him and has nothing left to lose, says actor Mikey North – The Sun

CORRIE'S Gary Windass will turn "dangerous" after learning his ex Sarah shopped him to the police, reveals actor Mikey North.

In scenes airing next week on the ITV soap, Gary will find out his former fiancee has tipped off detectives about his involvement in the factory roof collapse – and according to Mikey, this will lead him to the "dark side".

The 32 year-old actor explains: "Gary is fuming that Sarah has shopped him. I maintain that Sarah is the reason he went out and did a lot of this stuff.

"He loved her, and never meant to drag her into this. I think finding out Sarah reported him is another reason behind Gary going over to the dark side."

The redhead adds: "Without Sarah, Gary has nothing to lose and that makes him more dangerous."

Back in May, it was revealed that Gary was the man responsible for Rana's death after he sabotaged the factory roof in a bid to get more work.

When the roof collapsed, killing the nurse, a panicked Gary allowed Carla to believe she was responsible, pushing her to a breakdown in the process.

Gary went on to murder villain Rick Neelan after he threatened Sarah, but when Sarah then confessed her feelings for Adam Barlow, Gary attacked her.

But after Sarah discovers that Gary could have stolen Carla's phone to cover his tracks in the factory disaster, she wastes no time telling the police what she knows.

Rattled that the walls are closing in on him, viewers will be stunned by Gary's next move as he confesses his guilt to Imran.

In next Friday's hour-long episode, Gary turns up at Imran's office after having been quizzed by the cops again and comes clean about his role in the solicitor's sister's death.

"Gary has a plan as to how he's going to get out of this for now, but once he actually reaches the solicitor's office, it gets a bit too much for him," reveals Mikey.

"It all comes back to him, what he's done, and he ends up levelling with Imran a bit more than he intended, and gets quite upset."

And while it remains to be seen how Imran reacts, Mikey – who joined the show back in 2008 – claims this is the catalyst for Gary spiralling even further.

"Things will take a turn in a few weeks," hints Mikey. "He has big decisions to make that'll dictate which path he goes down."

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