Corrie reveals Gary's third murder victim in new pictures?

Being a Coronation Street killer is certainly a slippery slope as Gary Windass (Mikey North) is about to find out. His first death was a pure accident of circumstance, his second incident was self defence but his third looks set to be outright murder if he goes all the way when he attacks a shocked Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) this summer. 

Having taken over Rick Neelan’s loan shark business since killing him and burying him in the woods, Gary has started to give in to the dark nature of his personality as he is wrapped into that world – which could mean bad news for Michelle’s (Kym Marsh) son as he too gets involved in Gary’s circle of violence.

And when Ryan ends up double crossing Gary, scenes will see him take a vicious beating – but how far will Gary go as Ryan is left battered, bruised and bleeding? Is Michelle about to lose another child, triggering her upcoming exit from the show?

Mikey and Ryan have been filming scenes on location that were so rough that Ryan had to don body armour to stop him from incurring an injury as a fight director oversaw scenes which involve him being thrown around viciously on concrete. After the scenes were finished filming, Mikey and Ryan laughed together and shared a hug.

But on screen, it looks like there will be no love lost again as Ryan could very well be Gary’s next victim.

Mikey recently told ‘He is getting deeper and deeper into things as we’re going to see over the next few weeks, to a point of no return really. I suppose there is a point of return, but like I say, he’s becoming more calculated and scheming as it were and desperate, I suppose.

‘Things are going to take a big turn in a few weeks, so he’s got some big decisions to make in the next six months and that will probably decide which path he goes down. I know there are things planned well into next year.’

Fans can expect to see these scenes air at the end of summer.

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