'Counting On': There Might be a Reason Why Jill and Derick's kids share a room

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard finally got around to showing fans their new digs. The couple has faced backlash for everything from their money budgeting to their parenting, so its no surprise that the family’s house tour garnered a bit of ire to. Fans were particularly furious when they noticed Samuel, 2, and Israel, 4, were sharing the smallest room in the house. Many questioned why they’d choose the setup, but there might be a pretty good reason for it.

Sam and Israel share the smallest room in the home

When Jill Duggar decided to do a house tour, she probably assumed there would be some backlash. She and her siblings have been trolled for their social media posts in the past. What Jill probably didn’t expect, was getting so much backlash over the fact that Sam and Israel are sharing the smallest room in the home.

As Jill progress through the home, she noted that they do have the smallest room, but they also have the most substantial closet. Pointing out the guest room, she claimed the kids nap in the room and play there, too. It seems like their bedroom is solely for sleeping, and that’s a good thing because frankly, it’s the size of a walk-in closet.

Room sharing is normal for the Duggar family

The Duggar kids grew up sharing rooms. In fact, they stilldo. When the family built their own home before they grew to their currentsize, the expansive space only included three bedrooms upstairs. The reasoningwas simple; apparently, all the kids wanted to share their room.

Sure, the Duggar kids had rumors that were far more expansive than Jill and Derick’s too kids, but they were also cramming ten boys and nine girls into the space at one point. All the Duggar kids left in the home remain in their shared dormitory. Even Jana Duggar, who is nearing 30, shares a bedroom with her much younger sisters.

It’s possible that Derick and Jill decided to place the kids in the same room so they could develop a closer relationship. If Jill remembers sharing a room as a fond memory, it makes sense that she’d want the same for her kids.

Sam and Israel’s room looks like its furthest away from theliving space

The fact that the kids are sharing an area didn’t exactlyirk people, or at least that’s not what they were fixated on. The biggest issuewas the notion that the pair shared the smallest room in the home. During thehouse tour, Jill went room from room, and eagle-eyed fans did note that the twosiblings’ bedroom was the furthest from the house’s action. Placed towards theback of the home, it’s possible the bedroom is the quietest space in the home.

Not only is it the furthest away from the main living space, but it also appears to face the backyard, meaning sleeping should be a lot easier, especially if Jill and Derick are busy in the living room or kitchen. Having a quiet space to sleep is vital for young kids, so it’s possible they’ve been placed in the smallest room because of floorplan constraints.

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