Denise Welch pleads for King Charles to read the room for coronation

King Charles: Loose Women panel discusses size of coronation

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Speaking on Wednesday’s Loose Women, Denise, 64, shared her thoughts on the size of the upcoming coronation of King Charles III following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. She detailed how she hoped the new monarch would “read the room” and scale back the celebrations when he is officially crowned king after struggling with the 10-day period of dedicated coverage of the Queen’s death.

The Loose Women panelists were debating whether or not the grandeur should be reduced for the next royal occasion, which will be the coronation of King Charles III.

It follows the period of mourning the UK underwent after the monarch died on September 8.

Coverage was dedicated to the late Queen until the funeral, which took place on Monday.

As Linda Robson gave her view on the chat show, she suggested more localised celebrations should go ahead for the next event.

“Yeah, we’ve had all that [pomp],” she remarked as Jane Moore questioned whether the public want more ceremonies.

“Which was amazing,” Jane added. “But they’re very expensive.”

“Yeah, but just a local sort of thing, going around streets and whatever – you have your area and I stay at mine near my road,” Linda continued.

Denise chimed: “No I agree. I think that, you know, it’s all been quite a lot these last 10 days.

“I think that it definitely will be a celebration, but I think that Charles hopefully as the new King will read the room and realise that although the money spent on this type of pageantry and ponce obviously brings a lot of revenue into this country, I think that it should be a slightly scaled back affair.

“And like you say, celebrated more with the street party. Also please, can I put a request into King Charles that it’s just one day because I found that, you know, a lot – 10 days of the media blackout…”

Reacting to the women’s comments, some viewers disagreed with the idea of a smaller celebration.

Twitter user Steve Robinson wrote: “Street party #loosewomen these people live in cuckoo land,” followed by a laughing emoji.

@Mysteron_Voice penned: “Denise Welch bemoaning the coverage following the death of The Queen, do they go, ‘here’s some money love, now just say anything that might wind people up …’ LooseWomen.”

@youxkay shared: “Ugh. Denise can get lost after her unnecessary comments days before the funeral.

“It should have been about the queen and no one else. #LooseWomen.”

“#LooseWomen ‘Let’s have a street party for the coronation’ Give all your money away and then say this again.

“It’s good to have your money in the bank, people are struggling financially, so no parties,” @teax3teax3teax3 remarked.

@Beth251993 argued: “@loosewomen contradict themselves. Said the Coronation would bring in alot of revenue for the country then said it should be very digital based. it won’t bring as much money in doing that at all as you will be in your own home rather than bringing tourists into the UK #loosewomen.” (sic)

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV.

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