Desperate Kate Lawler breaks down in tears and begs fans to tell her when your hormones calm down after pregnancy

KATE Lawler pleaded with fans for help about post-pregnancy hormones as she admitted breaking down over football.

The 41-year-old Virgin Radio star was sitting in her car listening to TalkSport radio when she burst into tears.

"When do you hormones calm down after having a baby?" Kate asked her 368,000 followers.

"I've just been crying at Jose Mourinho on TalkSport, speaking about England vs Germany tonight," she started, before revealing it was the chat about Gareth Southgate missing the penalty in the 1996 Euros that set her off.

Kate added: "It was tragic… but was it worth tears?"

She then revealed she had skipped posting on her Instagram stories on Monday because she was feeling unwell.

Kate revealed she was "aching all over" and felt like someone had "spiked my decaf coffee with 27,000 sleeping tablets".

The radio host posted the update as she headed to hospital for a blood test because she was also having heart palpitations.

The new mum, who welcomed Noa with fiancé Martin in February, recently opened up about feeling guilty at the thought of going back to work four months after giving birth.

She said she wished she had taken more maternity leave ahead of returning to Virgin Radio next month.

"I already regret not taking longer maternity leave. I wish I had taken proper time off everything," she wrote on her Instagram stories.

"I'm going back to Virgin Radio in 3 weeks and on top the other work I do on here etc it's such an overwhelming feeling.

"I just don't want to leave Noa. I thought I'd feel different. I really did. Everyone tells me, 'once you're back at work you'll feel like you again'… did you?"

She then felt even worse once her fans started sharing the amount of time they had taken for maternity leave and left her "feeling more guilty than I already did".

Kate also admitted to not showering because she was scared to leave her baby.

The former Big Brother champ has won praise from fans for her candid documenting of motherhood, but she has also been targeted by cruel mummy-shamers over the past 12 weeks.

Earlier this month, breastfeeding Kate defended treating herself to a glass of wine after expressing for Noa.

She appeared to pre-empt backlash while posing with her booze, writing: "Pumped. Wine time. Just a teeny one before anyone tells me I'm about to turn Noa into a p*** head."

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