Did Princess Diana really live in Earls Court? The Crown fact-checked

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Emma Corrin portrays Princess Diana in the fourth series of The Crown. The latest series mainly focuses on the marriage of Diana to Prince Charles and their turbulent relationship. Early in the series, Diana is seen returning to her flat in Earls Court, London, but did the real Princess Diana really live there? Epxress.co.uk has everything you need to know.

Did Princess Diana really live in Earls Court?

The Crown on Netflix blends historical fact with fiction to the story of the British Royal Family.

Ever since season one aired in 2016, fans have been curious to know what is really fact and fiction when each season airs.

One thing is for sure, viewers are curious to know about the life of Princess Diana (played by Emma Corrin) before and after her marriage to Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) in May 1981.

When Charles first met Diana, he was dating her older sister Lady Sarah Spencer (Isobel Eadie).

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They later crossed paths in 1980, when Diana was 19-years-old and Charles was 32 and began dating.

When Diana and Charles were dating, Diana was working as a nursery assistant at Young England Kindergarten in Pimlico, Central South London and as her sister’s cleaner.

As seen in The Crown, Princess Dianna really did live in a flat in Earls Court, West London.

She shared the flat with three friends, Carolyn Bartholomew (née Pride), Anne Hill (née Bolton) and Virginia (née Clarke) Pitman which was located at 60 Coleherne Court.

The flat was a gift from her parents for her 18th birthday and she lived there for approximately two years.

In The Crown, Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Colman) announces to her sister, Princess Margaret (Helen Bonham-Carter) Diana is living in a flat with her friends to which Margret responds: “Prostitutes and Australians. Isn’t that who lives in Earl’s Court?”

However, it is very unlikely if this exact conversation took place in real life.

After she and Charles became engaged, she moved out of her Earls Court home and into Clarence House at St James Palace.

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Scenes in The Crown depict Diana telling her friends about their engagement, to a response of screams and hugs.

The three are also seen celebrating Diana’s engagement on a night out in London and wave her goodbye as she moved out of her apartment.

According to Diana in her biography, Diana Her True Story – In Her Own Words, the Princess of Wales said, “I came back [to the flat] and sat on my bed. ‘Girls, guess what?’

“They said: ‘He asked you. What did you say?’ ‘Yes please.’ They screamed and howled and we went for a drive around London with our secret. I rang my parents the next morning.”

Diana also said living in the flat was “the happiest time of her life.”

She added: “It was juvenile, innocent, uncomplicated and above all fun. I laughed my head off there.”

Who were Princess Diana’s flatmates?

Diana’s flatmates were Carolyn Bartholomew, Anne Hill and Virginia Clarke.

Carolyn and Diana had been friends since their school years, both of them attending West Heath High School in Kent.

When they were living together in London, Carolyn was studying singing and piano at the Royal College of Music and was an accomplished sportswoman.

She later became Prince Harry’s godmother and attended his wedding to Meghan Markle in May 2018.

Anne met Diana on a ski trip and had previously worked with Diana’s older sister, Sarah.

Sarah married Noel Hill, the son of Prince Charles’ polo coach.

According to the BBC in 2003, Anne owns a cattle ranch in Queensland, the exact one Prince Harry worked on during his gap year in Australia.

Virginia was a little older than Diana and had trained as an elite chef at Cordon Bleu.

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