Does Meryl Streep Have the Highest Net Worth of the 'Big Little Lies' Season 2 Cast?

When acclaimed film and theater actress Meryl Streep took a starring role in something other than a documentary or miniseries on TV for the first time in her career, we knew it would have to be something really great. HBO drama Big Little Lies, which was originally set to be a miniseries, earned rave reviews, and with that came the casting of Streep for Season 2. So is Streep the wealthiest of the show’s many stars? Let’s find out.

Streep recently joined the cast of Big Little Lies

Steep’s casting news came in 2018 with the renewal of the series for a second season. The actress portrays Mary Louise Wright, mother-in-law to Nicole Kidman’s Celeste Wright. She shows up in the wake of the death of her son, Alexander Skarsgård’s Perry.

Streep’s role is an important one. The women of Monterey are keeping the details of Perry’s death a secret, and his mother, understandably, is trying to find out what really happened. There are just a few episodes remaining in the season, and we’re curious as to how things will play out for them.

The actress is known for many incredible film roles

You would be hard-pressed to find someone with as prolific a career as Streep. She’s been nominated for a record 21 Academy Awards and has won three times: First for Kramer vs. Kramer in 1980, then Sophie’s Choice in 1983, and finally, for The Iron Lady in 2012.

Steep is known for the diversity of her roles. While many times she has portrayed real-life figures such as politician Margaret Thatcher and publisher Katherine Graham in dramatic stories about their lives, she has also taken on several more fun, musical adaptations, such as the Witch in Into the Woods and Donna Sheridan in Mamma Mia!

But a many of her co-stars have also had impressive careers to date

Streep may be a big name to have attached to an HBO series, but this isn’t a show that was hurting for star power. In addition to Kidman and Skarsgård, the cast includes Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Adam Scott, Zoë Kravitz, and Laura Dern.

Among those, Witherspoon, Kidman, and Dern have all been nominated for Oscars, and the first two have each won once. Dern has been nominated twice but has never won. Additionally, both Dern and Woodley were nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe in 2017 for their Big Little Lies Season 1 performances. Dern took home both awards.

Does Streep have the highest net worth of the cast?

Despite her long and highly acclaimed film career, Streep does not have a higher net worth than all of her Big Little Lies co-stars. Here’s a look at the portrayers of the Monterey Five, plus Streep, in order of net worth.

At the bottom is Kravitz, who, though she has famous parents, hasn’t been acting for all that long. Her net worth is around $9 million. Then comes Woodley with somewhere between $10-15 million. Next is Dern, with approximately $20 million. 

After that, we take a big leap to get to Streep’s impressive $90 million. And at the very top? It’s a close race between Kidman with $130 million and Witherspoon with $150 million. We think maybe Witherspoon’s clothing line Draper James may have helped her edge out Kidman.

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