Drag Race UK contestants: Who are the Drag Race UK queens?

The BBC has just announced the 10 drag queens who will take part in the first edition of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, which is coming soon. The Drag Race UK contestants features contestants from across Britain who will battle it out to be named Britain’s First Drag Superstar. The line-up of Drag Race UK will be be judged by RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Graham Norton and Alan Carr.

Who are the queens on Drag Race UK?

Baga Chipz

Baga Chipz, 29 is a queen from London who describes herself as: “A pub queen; tart with a heart.”

The comedy queen told the BBC: “I might not have the best outfits or makeup, but put me on a stage and I will entertain the absolute shite out of the room.”

Blu Hydrangea

Blu Hydrangea, 23, is from Belfast and calls herself: “A GCSE art project, high fashion from outer space, a cartoon character – with Muppet realness.”

Blu is the only queen from Drag Race UK to come from Belfast, of which she says: “The scene is very small – we literally have two gay bars opposite each other and you’re either on one side or the other and that’s it.”


Crystal, 34, who was born in Canada and now lives in London, says of her drag persona: “Crystal is a gender bending, ‘mess with your brain’ kinda drag queen. She stands for tearing down gender constructs using creativity, looks, and fashion and crazy performances.”

The queen, who studied costume design at university, promises: “I’m not afraid to look a bit ugly, messy, and scary – it’s not about being pretty all the time.”

Cheryl Hole

Cheryl Hole is a 25 year old Essex queen, who calls herself: “A dancing diva, known for my dance moves, death drops and pure entertainment.”

Cheryl, who brings ‘Essex glamour with a touch of showgirl’ plays her namesake in drag Girls Aloud tribute Gals Aloud and could meet her idol on the show as she has been confirmed as a Drag Race UK guest judge.

Gothy Kendoll
Sum Ting Wong
Scaredy Kat
The Vivienne
Vinegar Strokes

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