Dragons’ Den’s Deborah Meaden storms off set over co-star Peter Jones’ behaviour

Dragons’ Den’s Deborah Meaden, 62, is never one to hold back on her opinions when she clearly disagrees with something and recently the star went even further by storming off set during filming – leaving the other Dragons quite amused.

In a small segment during Thursday night's programme, entrepreneurial brothers Scott and David Borthwick came into the den to secure an investment for their alcoholic beverages that are targeted at the darts community.

To make their pitch fun and engaging, the pair brought in their own darts board for the investors to have a play around with.

The brothers explained that the Dragons who managed to achieve the highest score would also have an advantage if there was a potential bidding war between them.

The Dragons were up for the challenge and went towards the board to throw their darts.

Later on, when the duo dived into the finer details of their business, the Dragons were left feeling rather uninspired.

Scott and David explained that it costs them £20 to make a bottle of gin. Once the gin has been made the bottles are then sold at the rather low price of £25.

"That’s not much margin there," Taj pointed out. "Have you thought this through?"

The small profit margins left the investors confused. The Dragons became even further unimpressed when the brothers mentioned that their business was a "hobby".

Investor Taj picked up on the boy’s admission again and said: "It’s a hobby?

"I’m an investor and trying to put my money in and I don’t want this to be a hobby for you guys."

Due to their small margins and lack of enthusiasm the pair did not secure an investment for their business, despite this, Dragon Peter Jones was left rather amused by the dartboard that Scott and David had brought into the den.

Peter became determined to beat Sara’s original score and informed the other Dragons: “I'm not stopping until I beat 64."

Though he had several attempts at throwing his darts, Peter only managed to achieve seven points.

Deborah, who seemed to become quite frustrated by Peter’s childish antics walked off and said: "Come on guys, let's leave him to it…"

Unfazed by Deborah walking off, Peter continued to aim at the board, before blaming the quality of the darts for his shabby scores.

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