EastEnders Melissa Suffield leaves emotional after honest mum guilt admission

EastEnders' Melissa Suffield has opened up about feeling "mum guilt" and how she sometimes feels that she isn't cut out for being a mother.

The stunning 29-year-old mum-of-one and former soap star even left her followers "crying" after they read what she had to say.

Taking to Instagram, the former EastEnders actress who played Lucy Beale in the soap from 2004 until 2010 penned a touching poem about being a mum.

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Melissa is a mum to River – who was born one week before the first Coronavirus-inflicted lockdown in March 2020 – and she shared a sweet snap of her with him alongside the poem.

Penning a moving and relatable poem, Melissa put her finger ontothe screen and wrote the piece titled "a mother's guilt".

She wrote: "You’re a mum now, that’s it, there’s nothing left to say // There are no other sides to you, have you got that, ok?

"You live to serve your children, don’t you understand your luck? // You’re 'tired' and 'touched out', and 'feeling pretty stuck'?

"How dare you even consider a 5-minute break // Or a shower or a coffee with a little slice of cake."

She went on to touch on the way mums tend to "blame themselves" for the predicament they're in, before recalling some of the thoughts that mother's have.

Melissa went on: "Maybe you aren’t cut out for this, did you ever stop to think? The camels back is weakening, the ship’s about to sink.

"Just one more word from me until you’ll feel yourself explode- // Wait…hold on…what are you doing? Don’t ask to share the load!

"Don’t take that break, don’t ask for help, or say what you want to say // I’m losing strength, I can feel myself fast slipping away.

"The doubts we have are only loud when we give them power, so take the help, enjoy that break, and go and have your shower."

She then concluded: "You matter too, mama. Don’t forget it."

Taking to the comments section fans of the actress, who now posts body-confident content on Instagram, were quick to leave sweet messages.

One person was so moved that they even shed a tear. They penned: "Crying on my lunch break at work! Really needed to see this after feeling guilty about working all day then going out with a friend tonight."

While another said: "I love that your poems aren't all flowery words and empty sentiment, but straight-to-the-point realism, and still totally beautiful."


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