EastEnders reunion as Phil Mitchell and Sharon get back together to raise Alyssa?

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The pair have shared a rocky relationship in the past and have split up and reunited a fair few times in EastEnders history. At the moment, Phil Mitchell (played by Steve McFadden) is with Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace). The couple has been struggling to agree on things lately though, and as Kat became jealous of Phil spending time with Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) on Monday’s episode, a moment shared between the gangster and his ex could confirm her suspicions.

The latest instalment of the BBC soap saw Phil visiting Sharon, who is adjusting to the fact that she’s a grandmother.

The grieving mother found out recently that her late son Denny Rickman (Bleu Landau) has a young daughter whom she knew nothing about.

She’s currently caring for her granddaughter, who’s named Alyssa, after her mother Jada Lennox (Mimi Keene) confessed she was struggling to cope.

Phil paid his ex-wife a visit on Monday to see how she was getting on with the long-lost family member.

Not usually one to have pleasant conversations with an ex, Phil seemed surprisingly supportive of Sharon’s decision.

“You childminding now?” Phil asked the grandmother as she walked across the Square with Alyssa.

“Not exactly,” Sharon replied before asking Phil if he had time for a chat, adding: “It’s about Denny.”

He quickly stopped what he was doing to join her as jealous Kat watched on.

Later, Phil was interacting with the toddler as he asked: “Are you sure this isn’t a scam?”

“I had a DNA test,” Sharon revealed. “She’s Denny’s.”

The Walford hardman replied: “He was a dark horse, wasn’t he?”

“Tell me about it,” Sharon smiled. She asked Phil: “Did he mention anything to you about Jada?”

“No,” Phil admitted before adding: “She’s got his smile, hasn’t she?”

He continued: “I just wish we’d known what he was getting up to.”

“Well, can you blame him for keeping quiet with parents like us?” Sharon asked.

“Did he even know?” Phil asked an emotional Sharon as she tearfully stated: “I don’t think so.”

Talking about Jada, Sharon explained: “She can’t cope, which is why I’m going to go for some form of joint custody.”

“Haven’t you got enough of your plate with Alby?” Phil asked.

Sharon insisted that Alyssa is family so she can’t turn her back on her.

The pair seemed to share a moment as she went on: “She’s all we’ve got left of him.”

Phil commented: “Look at you, Sharon Watts, glamorous grandma.”

Phil seemed reflective as they smiled at one another.

Could the couple be brought together through their shared grief of Denny?

With Alyssa now on the scene, and Phil seeming to drop everything to support Sharon, it seems they could soon rekindle their relationship.

Sharon and Phil share a dramatic past, and the two long-standing characters always seem to end up together.

It appears Kat might soon have her heart broken once again if Phil decides he’d rather get back together with Sharon to help her raise Alyssa.

Denny was like a son to Phil, so the news will probably have touched him deeply.

Will the classic EastEnders duo put their pasts behind them and try a relationship once again?

EastEnders continues on Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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