EastEnders spoilers: Shona McGarty teases 'chaotic' wedding for Whitney Dean

EastEnders will be rocked tonight as Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) discovers on the night before her wedding day that her fiance Callum Highway (Tony Clay) has been struggling with his sexuality.

Oh, and that he had a sexual encounter with Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden).

So it’s no surprise that the wedding will be ‘chaotic’.

Shona McGarty has teased that Whitney’s wedding day will be ‘chaotic, emotional and shocking’ as the truth finally comes out.

She said: ‘I don’t want to spoil anything but Whitney’s at her hen party, having the time of her life and Callum suddenly turns up. She notices he’s got a cut on his lip so she’s worried about what’s been going on.

‘When Callum asks to speak to her, she just thinks he’s had a silly fight or something, but little does she know…’

This isn’t Whitney’s first wedding, but before the bombshell comes, she’s feeling ‘really excited’ about becoming Mrs Highway.

‘She’s marrying the man of her dreams as far she’s concerned, Callum’s not like any of her past boyfriends so she thinks he’s her happy ever after, she just can’t wait to get married to him,’ Shona said.

‘They had a really lovely start to their relationship, I remember when he made her dinner on Valentine’s Day and put hearts everywhere – Whitney wasn’t used to that. But yes, over time she’s fallen completely head over heels for him and can really see a future with him. Callum’s a gentleman, he’s kind and different to anyone else she’s been with.’

And addressing whether Whitney has any doubts about the wedding, Shona said: ‘Well, she found Callum’s letters from Chris, which I think seeded a very small doubt in her mind that Callum was hiding something but he reassured her straight away. But, obviously she thinks Chris is a girl…’

There’s truly nothing like an EastEnders wedding, with plenty to soak up before the drama, including Whitney’s ‘very Whitney’ wedding dress and family reunions.

‘So much happens, obviously Bianca’s back, which is brilliant,’ Shona said. ‘Filming the wedding was really fun, there were lots of us there and it’s always great filming those big episodes with all your friends. But yes, it’s a classic EastEnders wedding – lots of drama, lots of shocks and lots twists and turns.’

Viewers will see what goes down, but based on Shona’s response when asked would she go ahead with the wedding if she were Whitney – ‘No way! I wouldn’t go through with the wedding, but, I would still go to the party (laughs)’ – we’re not hopeful.

EastEnders is on tonight at 7.30pm on BBC1.

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