EastEnders spoilers: Vincent Hubbard to return as Richard Blackwood drops massive hint?

When Vincent (played by Richard Blackwood) was written out of EastEnders fans were left incredibly disappointed.

The character had been struggling with all manner of money woes and had made the apparently fatal mistake of getting involved in a Walford heist operation.

While many thought the character had simply fled the Square to protect his own skin, it was later hinted he had died off-screen on the BBC soap.

But as the truth was never confirmed, now actor Richard Blackwood, who competed in this year’s edition of Dancing On Ice, has supported a fan theory.

The theory claims Vincent will actually return to Albert Square next year, and he won’t be alone.

It was recently announced Kim Fox (Tameka Epson) will be taking a break from the BBC soap after 10 years playing Denise’s sister.

Richard shared a picture of Vincent and Kim together on his Instagram page, adding fuel to the rumours the characters would eventually return to the Square together.

“Whilst I’ve been performing this has started to happen!” the actor teased. “It’s coming together now people.”

Taking to the Walford Web chat room, viewers started to share their thoughts on Richard’s post.

“I’m wondering if this is actually a proper exit or not,” one person wrote.

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It’s coming together now people

Richard Blackwood

Another said: ”They have to bring her back because of news about Vincent.”

“I hate the idea that the show would be happy to leave Kim off screen for weeks only to despatch her in the lowest key way after she’s been on the show for nearly a decade.

“So I’m choosing to believe this is just a break,” a third said.

While a fourth speculated: “And with Vincent’s fate still a mystery, there is potential for a HUGE return storyline for Kim…

“A bit like in Neighbours, when Madge came back from Queensland when it turned out Harold was still alive.”

“If Kim is leaving, I hope they bring Vincent back for her exit!” a fifth added.

Tameka hasn’t shed any light on her exit, so Kim’s fate remains up in the air.

But viewers will be devastated to see the character leave the soap permanently, so many have their fingers crossed for a loophole.

“Let’s hope she gets a huge story before we see her go”, one person begged, followed by: “Well I’m glad it’s just a break with such a low-key exit. I didn’t quite realise how much I cared about Kim until this news came out but I think some time away and hopefully a stronger return will be good for her.”

EastEnders continues tonight at 8pm on BBC One.

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