EastEnders star Maisie Smith spent night at co-star Zack Morris’s home after date at cinema

EASTENDERS’ Maisie Smith spent the night at co-star Zack Morris’s home after a date at the cinema.

The pair, who play married couple Tiffany Butcher and Keegan Baker on the BBC1 soap, were seen entering his flat together, before they left separately the next morning.

It comes after we told last week how they had been growing close. And Zack’s ex-girlfriend accused Maisie of being the other woman in their relationship.

Our exclusive pictures show them enjoying a date night at an Essex cinema on Tuesday before returning to his £260,000 pad nearby.

They were spotted strolling together after the flick, with Zack, 22, at one point walking behind Maisie, who had her hooded top pulled up over a cap.

After their night out, Zack, wearing a Covid mask, drove them in his silver Mercedes to his apartment nearby.

The following morning, Zack left in his Merc.

Maisie, 20, was then seen checking her phone after popping out for groceries.

An hour after Zack left, she drove away from the flat in her white VW, complete with pink fluffy dice.

An onlooker said: “They seemed to be a couple but they were looking around to check who might have seen them together.

“Perhaps they didn’t want anyone to think they were boyfriend-girlfriend but she went into his flat with him. It was quite late.”

“They were trying not to be seen too closely together, and one was either wearing a mask or had a hood up the whole time.

“But they still looked very much like a couple and people at the cinema complex definitely noticed them.”

The pair have insisted they are just good friends.

Last year, Maisie said: “I film most of my scenes with Zack. Naturally, we have built a great friendship.”

An EastEnders spokeswoman declined to comment.

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