Elaine Hendrix Is Protective of The Parent Trap, Hopes to Be Part of Any Potential Reboot

Although the Meredith Blake depicter thinks the classic movie should be left alone, she still wants to be involved if the story is ever brought back to the screen.

AceShowbizElaine Hendrix is against the idea of rebooting “The Parent Trap“. Playing gold digger Meredith Blake in the 1998 Disney comedy – which starred Lindsay Lohan as long-lost twins Hallie James and Annie Parker, the 51-year-old actress explains that, because her version was a remake of the 1961 classic with Hayley Mills, she thinks it should be “left alone” but would hope to be involved any potential reboot.

“We were already a reboot and so I’m biased in that I think it should be left alone, but if it’s going to be rebooted, then yeah, I think we absolutely should be a part of it,” she told ExtraTV when speaking alongside co-star Lisa Ann Walters – who played housekeeper Chessy.

The “Dynasty” actress previously explained that she “loves” how she has made more than 150 appearances on TV and film but is best known for her role as Meredith and thinks that it is really “special” that the movie – which also starred Dennis Quaid and the late Natasha Richardson as a set of divorced parents who keep the twins a secret from one another – has “spanned generations.”

She said, “I love that people love Meredith Blake and love ‘The Parent Trap’ still. I’ve done over 150 individual TV and film productions and it’s still by far one of my most favorites and certainly one of the ones I’m most recognized for.”

“It has spanned generations. It spans classes, it spans genders, race, everything, and this movie just seems to be beloved by everyone. And that, to me, is really really special.”

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