Emmerdale double exit as fans plead for soap to write out character

Emmerdale: Ethan and Naomi discuss Alex

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Emmerdale’s latest episode sparked a strong reaction from viewers, with many becoming frustrated with several storylines. One, in particular, was newcomer Naomi Walters (played by Karene Peters) and her romance with Alex Moore (Liam Boyle). Another was Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) and her rocky relationship with Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano).

Vicar Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) has tried to put Naomi off Alex, but the more he tries, the more persistent his daughter gets.

During Wednesday’s instalment, Naomi’s brother Ethan (Emile John) tried to make his sister see sense, but once again, she didn’t listen.

As they prepared for their big night out, Naomi asked Ethan to lend her some money.

“Would you mind lending me a 20 please, bro,” Naomi pleaded.

“No,” Ethan hit back. “I’ll never see it again.”

However, after asking him again, Ethan caved and gave her the £20 she asked for. He said: “If it will make such a difference to your night.”

“You know that it will,” Naomi said as the lawyer asked: “You know what will make a difference to mine… is if you rethink this whole Alex thing.

“He [dad] is only trying to save you from making another bad decision.”

“Another one,” Naomi fumed. “Get off my case, Ethan.”

He fired back: “Alex reoffended as soon as he came out of prison and he tried to blackmail Dawn.”

“That’s your version,” Naomi teased as she proceeded to invite Alex on their night out.

Elsewhere, Matty made the drastic decision to walk out on Amy, admitting he’d had enough.

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The episode concluded with Matty telling Amy he “needed space” to think about their future as a couple.

However, following the episode, fans became frustrated with Amy and Noami, calling for them to be “written out” of the soap.

Although, could a double exit be on the cards, especially if Amy and Matty break up for good?

Taking to Twitter, @gffcontwitch fumed: “Sod off Amy, and get in jail, murderer #Emmerdale.”

@MickJohnPNEFC said: “P*** off Amy please….#emmerdale.”

While @Dbella91 added: “Naomi is horrible arrogant self-entitled freeloader. Get rid @emmerdale read the room! #Emmerdale.” (sic)

“Can Meena please come back for one night to get rid of Naomi? Just push her off the bridge or something and then back to prison. #emmerdale,” @dondons100 pleaded.

@jrocksy complained: “God Naomi has no redeeming features…smarmy, mardy, sarcy and miserable…write her out! #emmerdale.” (sic)

@itzzzo_ went on to say: “Colin and Naomi singlehandedly showing how many unlikeable characters there are in this show #Emmerdale.”

“Naomi is the worst character on #Emmerdale by a country mile,” @carl_lewis_91 tweeted.

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

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