Emmerdale viewers slam soap for ‘turning evil rapist Lee into a victim’ after Robert attacks him

EMMERDALE fans have been left furious after rapist Lee Posner was presented as "a victim" after Robert Sugden attacked him.

The soap has come under fire by angry fans after the rapist was described as a victim despite his vile history, and now Robert – played by actor Ryan Hawley – will be punished for whacking him over the head with a shovel.

Robert – along with Aaron Dingle and Lee's victim Victoria – was left floored when two detectives arrived at the Woolpack to tell him Lee was in a coma and might not ever wake up.

The cops strongly hinted that he'd be looking at a murder charge if Lee didn’t come round.

But the storyline has left viewers convinced that Robert, who is set to leave screens as actor Ryan Hawley quit Emmerdale, will be written out after being jailed for Lee’s death.

And fans are disgusted that evil Lee has been turned into a martyr – and is even getting sympathy from Victoria at the hospital.

One more explained: "Lee has been called a victim, Victoria is apologising and Robert is being blamed for a everything, can you understand why I don't like this story?"

One person wrote on Twitter: "Good points raised by ED viewers. Why is Lee Posner getting sympathy from Victoria, the woman he violently raped? I cannot understand this."

Another person said: "The sls in #Emmerdale are becoming pitiful I no longer watch I stopped watching with the #Vic & #Lee rape storyline the way you made him the victim was and is so wrong."

One more said: "The scenes at the hospital were awful. Stop make l*e a victim. It's offensive. And Vic behavior is so stupid and makes zero sense."

And another moaned: "Just wondering if #Emmerdale consulted any rape charities about the Vic sl? If they did, I can't imagine any of them advised they go down the 'make the rapist the victim' routine."

Robert saw red after he gave Lee £10,000 to leave the village for good – but didn't.

Lee said he only would leave if he got double.

One fan theory claimed that Robert would take his own life when the pressure of his relationship and his sister's attack took its toll.

Ryan has played the popular character since 2014, becoming the fourth actor to portray Robert following Richard Smith, Christopher Smith and Karl Davies.

Robert was first introduced to the soap in 1986, along with the Sugden clan – dad Jack, mum Sarah, sister Victoria – then played by Hannah Midley – and adoptive brother Andy, played by Kelvin Fletcher.

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