Emmerdale’s Samantha Giles ditches Bernice’s wig after being mercilessly mocked by trolls

EMMERDALE'S Samantha Giles has ditched Bernice’s wig after being mercilessly mocked by fans.

The actress, 49,had to make-do with a hair piece after coronavirus restrictions on set meant the cast could not have hair and make-up done before filming.

Now the restrictions have been eased on the Emmerdale set, Samantha has been finally able to wave goodbye to the wig that was targeted by fans, writes The Mirror.

She said: "The wig has had more publicity than anything at the moment.

"I had the latest message from upstairs, as we call them, to say, ‘Just do whatever it takes, just get the wig off her.’

"So I’m allowed to have my hair blow dried twice a week."

She added: "It will be one of two people who does it, so it’s still very Covid safe. I still have to do my own make-up, but at least I get my hair done. Thank goodness."

Fans went in hard on Bernice's wig when she rocked up on TV in it.

One wrote: "Just a random question peeps ? Why is Bernice in @emmerdale wearing such a ridiculous wig?"

Another said: "I keep hoping someone will snatch Bernice’s wig."

A third chimed in: "Loved tonight’s episode ! Maybe Bernice ought to burn that dodgy wig. The acting by all was brilliant."

Another joked: "Wish Bernice would toss that wig on the fire as well…"

Speaking on podcast The God Cast, she added: "I can’t do my own hair, it’s very thick. Bernice is obviously a ­hairdresser, and her look is very coiffed.

"So the make-up department knew I wouldn’t be able to do my hair. The wig was the best option." 

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