Every Single Theory About Who Killed Elena Alves on 'The Undoing'

The Undoing on HBO feels like the New York response to Big Little Lies, and not just because Nicole Kidman is at the center. If I wasn’t so obsessed with solving a murder I’d be wondering if these Upper East Side moms know Blair and Serena. Let’s get down to business and figure out who killed Elena Alves on The Undoing, or at the very least narrow down the suspects with these theories.

Don’t try the book The Undoing is based on for answers either; they’ve already made changes to Jean Hanff Korelitz’s original novel, so it’s no use peeking at the last page for spoilers. We’re on our own. Here are all of the potential killers so far.

[There are spoilers ahead, duh. Enter at your own risk!]

It was Jonathan Fraser all along, duh.

All of the evidence points to Grace’s husband, right? He had an affair with Elena that resulted in a baby daughter. He lied about losing his job and where he was on the night of her murder. He claims that he confronted Elena at her studio, left to go to a bar, and then returned to find her dead body. It doesn’t get more suss than that. When has a tragic coincidence like that ever really happened? It’s also, like, a major red flag for me that he keeps calling Elena crazy and/or a stalker. Don’t trust men who do this!

Grace killed Elena and doesn’t remember.

Midway through the series, the Hot Detective showed Grace surveillance footage that puts her at the scene, too. She doesn’t recall being there. What else has she forgotten? It feels like The Undoing is leading to some kind of horrifying twist and there’s nothing more horrifying than committing a murder you don’t even remember. It also feels like there’s more to Grace and Elena’s relationship. Why was she intimidating her at the gym? I have a lot of questions about that whole sitch.

Is this why Kidman took on this project? So she could play a killer herself? Intriguing…

Grace’s father “took care” of a potential scandal.

This theory is not nearly as fun, but we already know that Franklin, played by the great Donald Sutherland, loaned Jonathan money to help cover up the affair and get Elena’s older son into Reardon School. How far would he go to keep his daughter and son-in-law out of trouble? (Though, like, Grace and Jonathan are in a lot of trouble, so he obviously didn’t do a good job if he was the one who killed Elena or hired someone to do it.)

*Actually* Elena’s husband, Fernando, did it.

If it turns out that Elena’s husband found out about the affair and killed her in a jealous rage, there has to be some other juicy twist coming, right? That’s too basic for a whodunnit. As the snooty Upper East Side mothers said at the beginning of the series, it’s always the husband. Ending it this way would lowkey be a letdown.

Heck, it could also be one of the children. Grace’s son Henry is clearly going through it and Elena’s son Miguel was the one who discovered the body. But do you really want to put that energy into the universe? Let’s hope the final episodes don’t go that route.

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