Family Fortunes Gino DAcampo baffles fans as he gets pregnancy slang wrong

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Family Fortunes host Gino D'Acampo had ITV viewers in stitches when he suffered an awkward blunder with a pregnant player.

Sunday night's show (19 September) saw This Morning chef Gino return with a brand new episode of the ITV family game show, but it wasn't long before the Italian star embarrassed himself in front of the cameras.

At the start of the show, presenter Gino was introducing the two families who were competing against each other in a bid to take home the big £30k cash prize.

The Napier family from Nottingham were up against the Collins family from Surrey – and the two clans were tasked with guessing the top answers from surveys carried out in the UK.

However, Gino immediately got himself into a spot of trouble when he spoke to one of his pregnant players – and got his words slightly mixed up.

Introducing the Napier family, a church-going group which included bishops Carlton and Janette, Gino spotted a pregnant player on the panel.

Pointing out Tehillah, who was expecting a baby at the time she was appearing on the show, Gino told her that she was "up the fluff".

Speaking to Tehillah, Gino said: "Tehillah, you are as the English people say, 'up the fluff'?"

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The whole studio – including both families – burst out laughing at Gino's error, as they knew he actually meant to say 'up the duff'.

Both families teamed up as they corrected Gino, shouting to him: "Up the duff!" as poor Gino looked baffled.

Fans on social media couldn't contain their laughter, and may rushed to Twitter to laugh about Gino's unfortunate mishap with the player.

One viewer said: "Up the fluff" as they attached a set of laughing-face emojis.

A second wrote: "F**k's sake, Gino! As if you don't know what "up the duff" means!"

A third penned: "Up the fluff ffs" as they attached a string of laughing-emojis.

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