Florence Pugh and Harry Styles Pop Their Fifties Paradise Bubble in 'Don't Worry Darling' Trailer

In the official trailer for Olivia Wilde’s latest film, Don’t Worry Darling, Florence Pugh’s Alice doesn’t have a worry in the world. She’s a Fifties housewife with a slightly temperamental husband, Jack, portrayed by Harry Styles, who tr(eats) her right. She lives in a beautiful, suburban home in the utopian neighborhood of Victory, courtesy of the experimental company where he works in exchange for full commitment to the mysterious Victory Project.

While Jack heads off to work, where he serves under the suspiciously optimistic CEO Frank (Chris Pine), Alice and the rest of the Stepford-like Victory wives — including Frank’s partner Shelly, portrayed by Gemma Chan — are endlessly pampered. But after a while, paradise gets boring. As Alice’s curiosity about Victory mounts, sinister revelations threaten to surface.

Alice interrogates her husband, questioning whether he knows what the Victory Project is — if anyone has even asked. The only person remotely interested in pulling the thread of her theories is Frank, whose demeanor is more fraudulent leader than motivational speaker. It’s always smart to keep an eye on those threatening to expose an empire, especially when you’re the one with something to hide. Jack warns her: “Our life together, we could lose this.”

What starts with lavish galas where guests dance on tables and dancers bathe in massive cocktail glasses shifts into explosive car chases and suicides. More than anything, the most essential thing Alice seems to be losing is her mind. “Everyone is acting like I’m crazy,” she says. “And I’m not crazy.”

The psychological thriller, which also casts Wilde and Kiki Layne in the role of neighboring housewives, hits theaters on Sept. 23.

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