GB News Christys savages Insulate Britain as group should be classed as terrorists

Insulate Britain should be classed as 'terrorist group'

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GB News’ Patrick Christys has urged Insulate Britain protesters to be “classed as a banned terror organisation’, calling them “mentally unwell”. The eco-activists have blocked Britain’s roads and motorways for over three weeks, causing a significant amount of disruption to drivers and commuters. 

The GB News host said: “Insulate Britain are a mentally unwell group of people who should be classed as a banned terror organisation.

“The definition of what classes something as a terrorist organisation and this comes from the Crown Prosecution Service is ‘terrorism is the use of threat or action both in and outside of the UK, designed to influence any international government organisation to intimidate the public.

“It must also be for the purpose of advancing a political, religious, racial, or ideological cause.

“So insulate Britain are terrorists then, in my opinion.”

He went on: “The police need to step in, not just to uphold basic law and order and make sure that the ordinary man and woman on the street doesn’t have their day massively disrupted.

“But actually I would argue to save Insulate Britain. I’m amazed that none of them have been seriously hurt yet.

“Look, I know this, obviously isn’t right. What I’m about to say now, and you certainly can’t condone this kind of behaviour, please don’t misunderstand me.

“But I’ve got to be really honest with you. I can’t say to you, hand on heart, that if a relative of mine was dying in the back of my car, and members of Insulate Britain were in the road blocking it, then I wouldn’t run this lot over.”

He continued: “And I know that’s wrong. Absolutely.

“But if it is a choice between saving the life of a loved one, or sitting back and letting this lot turn the country into a car park.  

“My choice is pretty clear.

“It says a lot about the quality of the British public that that hasn’t happened yet.

“But I think it’s brewing. As I said, I think it’s an absolute credit, frankly, to the British public, that someone hasn’t already just put their foot there.”

Priti Patel has said that courts will get new powers to stop disruptive activists attending protests.

She said: “Freedom to protest is a fundamental right our party will forever fight to uphold. But it must be within the law.”

In footages share on social media, angry motorists are seen dragging stubborn activists off the road in order to let cars pass.
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