Gemma's mum seduces Chesney in Corrie sex shock?

They’ve tried their best to come to terms with having to prepare for the arrival of quadruplets and in the hope to earn more money, Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) has attempted to sell the story of her and Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) having quads to a journalist and has asked Evelyn (Maureen Lipman) for some shifts at the shop and with the arrival of Gemma’s mum (Jane Hazlegrove) soon to be happening, it doesn’t look like Gemma and Chesney’s life is going to slow down anytime soon in Coronation Street!

Soon Gemma and Chesney discuss doing a radio show about the quads. When the time comes, Jane from Radio Weatherfield interviews Gemma and Chesney about their quads and everyone in the Rovers Returns gathers round together to listen in. When Chesney admits they’re not married, Jane urges the listeners to tweet their support for Gemma and Chesney to marry. The customers make cash donations towards the babies’ futures and Chesney plucks up the courage and tells Gemma he never stopped loving her and wants to try again.

He leans in for a kiss but they’re interrupted by the arrival of Gemma’s mum, Bernie, who reveals she’s about to be made homeless and needs money. When Gemma offers her the cash from the charity collection, Chesney is left appalled. Chesney refuses to hand over the charity money to Bernie and when Paul (Peter Ash) calls in the Rovers he is horrified to find Bernie there, tells Gemma it’ll end in tears and storms out.

Chesney apologises to Gemma for being hard on her mum and says she can stay at No.5 and he’ll sleep on the sofa. Gemma is grateful but as Chesney prepares for a night on the sofa, he’s horrified when Bernie suggests he could share the big bed with her!

It doesn’t end there though, the week continues and Chesney is freaked out to find Bernie stark naked in the kitchen and when she suggests they spend the day in bed, Chesney makes a rapid exit! He confides in Paul who confronts Bernie and orders her to keep her hands off Chesney but Bernie lies to Gemma and says it’s Chesney who’s making her feel uncomfortable as he clearly fancies her.

An angry Gemma confronts Chesney and accuses him of fancying her mum leaving Chesney in disbelief, he assures her that Bernie has been coming onto him and not the other way round. Gemma is unconvinced and calls at No.5 and tells Chesney and Bernie she’s moving in with them as it’s clear she can’t trust them to live alone.

She’s barely been on the cobbles and already Bernie is causing trouble! But what’s the real reason Bernie is there? To simply support her daughter during her pregnancy? Well this is a British soap let’s not forget, nothing is ever really that simple, is it?

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