GMB viewers slam shows patronising cost of living crisis discussion

GMB: Ranvir and Ben read tributes to community volunteers

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On Thursday’s show, there was a big focus on community heroes who go above and beyond to help those struggling, as well as tips to save the pennies. However, some Good Morning Britain viewers saw the conversation as “patronising”, with some arguing there comes a time when there simply isn’t enough money no matter how thrifty people are.

“We’ve had so many nice messages about good people in your community,” host Ranvir Singh commented.

“We’re talking about how local people and hospitalities are giving free meals to people at this time, with the autumn statement today.”

She went on to read out a few heartwarming examples of people doing what they could within their communities to help out.

“Keep them coming in because we’re going to need a lot of good people in the community to deal with what’s coming our way at 11.30 today,” Ranvir commented afterwards.

The Apprentice winner and finance expert Tim Campbell joined the presenters at one point to discuss Jeremy Hunt’s upcoming autumn statement.

“A lot of people are going to be finding it really difficult,” he remarked.

“It’s not enough just to scare people, we’ve got to give them points on what they can do to make their lives better.

“For me it’s really simple, you’ve got to assess where you are, outline what your outgoings are and see how you can manage that.

“Conserve if you can and talk to people, seek assessment from benefits or support charities.”

Many tuned into the ITV show were quick to comment on the conversation.

Twitter user @charlene_curran wrote: “#GMB Can’t believe what I’m watching this morning!

“Programme talking about ways to be thrifty, putting extra clothes on, throwing responsibility onto struggling people whilst fluffy tales of community spirit abounds! Why not just bl**dy hold the Govt to account for their failures?”

@UnInterlocutor fumed: “F*** off with the “tips” to make ends meet.

“There comes a point when you simply don’t have enough — it is insulting to people to assume the problem is they don’t know how to budget — the problem is living in a country that is falling apart in real time. #GMB.”

@ScullyScully73 added: “Tips to Make Ends Meet…? Turn your TVs off between 6am-9am? #GMB.”

“It seems that we have become like a third world country, with a corrupt government & reliant on charity & handouts …#gmb,” @Sweggers penned.

@DannyDenay remarked: “Patronising? At least we’ve got the expert Richard Madeley to take us through it #GMB.”

@EmmaHainsworth6 remarked: “Still baffles my head that we are one of the richest countries in the world and we have got people relying on pubs to give free food.

“When is this shambles of a government gonna pull their fingers out their arses and do something about It. #GMB #goodmorningbritain #RishiSunakPM.”

@NmcG1981 added: “It’s shocking that we as a species we have advanced so far from a technological point of view yet we’re going backwards! I can’t believe how people have to live in todays world. We’re doomed. #GMB.”

@prestwichpig argued: “Stop normalising having to leave your home to be warm and fed!”

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