GMB’s Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid slammed for ‘insensitive’ fire interview

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Good Morning Britain hosts Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid have been slammed over an "inappropriate" interview with a victim of the New York City fire.

A blaze broke out in an apartment building overnight on Sunday, January 9 and killed 19 people, including nine children.

A four-year-old victim was among the youngest involved in the blaze, which the city’s fire commissioner Daniel Nigro called one of the worst in recent memory.

Richard and Susanna were interviewing Winter Thomas, who had escaped the fire from the ninth floor with her mother and siblings.

She explained: "I was sleeping and my little sister came in the room. She was screaming for me to help her and I didn't know what to do.

"I looked out the window and as soon as I turned my head to the window there were flames coming up my window, black smoke."

Winter, 20, explained how she had to check her family were okay, adding: "It was very devastating."

However, the questioning from Richard and Susanna soon sparked fury from viewers, as Richard quizzed the 20-year-old on seeing people jump from windows to escape the devastating fire.

She explained: "It was like something out of a movie. Kids were jumping out the window. From the ninth floor, they were jumping out the window.

"I've never seen so many dead bodies in my life. I saw dead people and kids lying dead on the floor."

Among the questions asked were whether Winter thought the fire or the smoke was the worst part of the experience, and what she planned to do next.

Many GMB fans turned to social media to share their outrage, with one tweeting: "Am I the only person who thinks it’s completely inappropriate to be questioning this young girl after the New York fires? Poor thing is completely traumatised and she’s getting asked specifics! #GMB."

Another argued: "Jesus christ this interview with this poor girl in New York actually sounds like [an] interrogation ffs!"

As someone else followed up: "Can’t believe it, he asked her what are you going to do now? Jesus Christ that was just f***ing awful to watch."

"Richard Madeley's comments and questions to Winter in New York are appalling. He is deliberately adding to her trauma, dreadful questioning and comments. He should be ashamed of himself," another social media user added.

A fifth viewer said: "Someone needs to pull this interview… wtf is this?? The questioning is awful. #gmb."

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