Gogglebox fans call for Giles and Mary to be cut from show Need to go

Gogglebox: Mary tries to take Giles’ radish

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Gogglebox’ Wiltshire husband and wife Giles and Mary were back on screens on Friday giving their judgments on this week’s television. However their comic antics didn’t impress all Channel 4 viewers, and many requested the “boring” couple to be taken off the show.

At one point, Giles was sat beside his wife eating radishes he had grown.

“Okay Mary, here is my entire crop of radishes,” he explained.

“Beautiful,” Mary replied, as he went on: “This is the first produce of the year, listen to that crunch.”

He cut into a piece for Mary as she stated: “I don’t want a second piece, I’ve got one thanks.”

“Don’t you binge eat them all!” she snapped as Giles proceeded to eat it himself.

“I can, I’ve grown them and they’re mine,” he replied, swerving the dish away from Mary’s grasp.

“You couldn’t want more than one radish,” Mary responded.

“Well you must eat a second one Nutty, otherwise you’ll starve,” Giles insisted.

“No thanks, thank you very much,” Mary repeated.

“This is a great political act Mary, growing your own veg is two fingers to the multinational food industries.”

“I think they’re going two fingers back at you,” Mary quipped. “Because you’ve only grown 15.

“If that’s all your whole season’s crop is…” Giles argued: “Yes, but I’m a hobby grower.”

He continued: “Luckily in this country, we can still get food, I don’t know for how much longer.”

Twitter user Sheltie_Dreams fumed: “Giles is such a child #gogglebox.”

@BobbyWilde2 penned: “I feel like Giles is constantly showing off for the cameras now, it’s getting really boring #gogglebox.”

@fidoeslife stated: “Giles and Mary need to go #gogglebox.”

“Shove a knitting needle in it and let Giles head butt it… #gogglebox,” @mr_chambers_ commented as one scene showed Mary trying to knit while Giles was talking.

@ricardoautobahn shared: “I don’t know if I feel more sorry for Giles or Mary #gogglebox.”

“Always forgot how much I truly hate Giles & Mary. At first I thought they were a bit weird, but now its beyond utterly unbearable whenever they appear on screen. Every new season I pray they won’t return, but then up they f***ing pop…. #Gogglebox,” @AnthonyShannon2 wrote.

The couple has been part of the series since 2015, and often leave viewers divided on their bizarre conversations.

Gogglebox is available to watch on All4.

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