Good Morning Britain viewers horrified as reporter is nearly blown off his feet during 'unsurvivable' hurricane

GOOD Morning Britain viewers are horrified as their reporter is nearly blown off his feet during an "unsurvivable" hurricane.

NBC News' Jay Gray was reporting lie from Lake Charles, Louisiana as the category four Hurricane Laura reached US land.

Jay was attempting to speak about conditions on the ground to Ranvir Singh and Sean Fletcher as wind and rain batted him.

While he spoke about the situation, the presenters were forced to cut away as the winds were so strong they almost knocked him off his feet.

Jay told Good Morning Britain viewers: "A bit of a lull but here it comes again, you can feel it picking up and that's only going to continue to turn and get much more intense."

The wind became so strong that he was forced to move with the wind and grab hold of his cap.

Sean told Jay: "I think for your safety Jay we are going to have to leave you. You're talking about that being a lull, I can't imagine what it's going to be like when it really icks up.

"The conditions look dangerous already for Jay."

Ranvir said: "Jay go and make yourself safe somewhere, I assume you can go and get shelter in a vehicle for a while. My goodness me, that is extraordinary."

Fans were horrified by the conditions the reporter was battling, with one person saying: "What the hell has this weather guy done to deserve this! Get him inside now! @GMB #GMB Telling people it’s unsurvivable and then stick him outside to demonstrate that! So irresponsible!"

Another added: "Watching #GMB we are lucky to not get hurricanes, conditions look treacherous.."

A third remarked: "That reporter is fully committed to his job being out in that hurricane"

The storm approaching Texas and Louisiana has 150mph winds and will result in "large and destructive waves [that] will cause catastrophic damage," the National Hurricane Center said.

Authorities have advised those in coastal Texas and Louisiana to evacuate as soon as possible, with more than 500,000 coastal residents under mandatory evacuation orders.

Forecasters fear that a 20-foot storm surge could be "unsurvivable" and could devastate entire communities when it makes landfall.

The storm grew by nearly 70 percent yesterday, drawing energy from the warm Gulf of Mexico waters.

Forecasters predict that the storm will be the most powerful hurricane to hit the US so far this year.

While over the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita reached Category 5 strength in 2005, reducing to Category 3 when they made landfall.

Katrina, however, pushed a deadly storm sure that reached 28 feet in some areas, leading to more than 1,8000 after New Orleans flooded from poor protections.

A Category 5 storm requires sustained winds of at least 157 mph.

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