Gordon Ramsay leaves Holly Willoughby red-faced after cheeky crack innuendo

Gordon Ramsay featured on Monday's This Morning and made presenter Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield giggle after making an accidental innuendo.

This Morning hosts Holly and Phillip invited TV chef Gordon into the studio to try and teach viewers how to tackle some common cooking dilemmas.

But Holly Willoughby couldn't help but laugh as Gordon slips up and tells a viewer that phoned in to work on their "soft crack".

One caller was keen to get to pick Gordon's brains on how to make toffee apples as Halloween soon approaches.

Gordon said: "Great non-stick pan, low gas, should be about 170 or 175 and then take it off, and also it will continue cooking so be very smart with that?"

The caller then asked: "Do you use a sugar thermometer?"

Gordon replied: "That's right, I was gonna say a soft ball or a soft crack, about 170."

Keeping a straight face, he jokingly added: "It doesn't sound appropriate in the morning talking about a soft crack, but we're all talking about sugar."

Holly could be heard giggling in the background as Phillip joked: "Especially not with caramel!"

Another viewer named Carol later asked Gordon how she can avoid "a soggy bottom" when making his famous beef wellington recipe.

"I'm so sorry we've got a soggy bottom first thing on a Monday morning. The secret to that is letting it rest," Gordon told her.

"And also, go back to the beginning when you start searing the meat, if you lock the juices in by a good searing, it doesn't weep. But the secret behind a great wellington is let it rest."

His appearance on the show comes days after his daughter's latest Strictly Come Dancing performance.

Strictly star Tilly Ramsay has continued to wow the judges with her smooth moves and just days before her second dance she posted a video about her famous chef dad and revealed what he is really like.

The young presenter shared a comical video with her 9.4 million followers on TikTok showing funny snaps of her famous father with a voiceover on top.

The voiceover said: "He comes across as an absolute b***end, but he's actually not he's alright. I've always found him alright, he's just on the wind up basically."

The audio was played alongside footage of Tilly making embarrassing faces along with pop up snaps of Gordon's selfies.

This comes after Strictly fans spotted a striking resemblance between famous chef Gordon Ramsay and his daughter Tilly's dance partner.

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