Great British Bake Off fans devastated by Amanda meltdown in biscuit collapse

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Fans of The Great British Bake Off were left 'devastated' during Tuesday night's 'stressful' showstopper challenge.

The bakers were tasked with creating an interactive toy biscuit for their final challenge, with Amanda opting to design a sugar biscuit rocking horse.

Other designs included an interactive snooker table, a moving biscuit plane and a pinball game.

But Amanda was left fighting back tears as her rocking horse collapsed completely, sending the episode into meltdown as the pieces refused to stick together.

She'd put plenty of effort into it, designing the horse with elaborate icing – and got compliments for the taste of it from Paul and Prue.

Turning to Twitter, a horde of upset fans wailed: "This #GBBO episode is devastating!"

Another posted: "This episode is a massive trigger!" as someone else tweeted: "A rocking horse jigsaw!"

"My emotional state is Amanda's horse," another quipped.

While a fifth fan echoed: "Amanda's horse is the saddest horse I have ever seen!"

Poor Amanda, meanwhile, was left fighting back tears as she prepared to hear what the judges had to say about her remaining in the competition for another week.

She explained that she'd already practiced the bake three times – and it had never collapsed before.

Things were made even worse by the fact that her fellow competitor Freya had also opted for a rocking horse design – and hers, which was made of the rather more conventional gingerbread, had stayed together.

"Following up Freya's incredible rocking horse with Amanda's pile of horse remains is like following up Red Rum with Donkey from Shrek," one fan giggled.

"They're shady for putting the two rocking horses one after the other!" another grumbled, while a third fan joked: "I would've told Paul and Prue that it was a build your own horse!"

Amanda avoided elimination from the tent by the skin of her teeth, and Jairzeno was evicted from the Bake Off tent in her place after failing to impress the judges with his half-collapsed toy boat.

Jürgen, meanwhile, was crowned the Star Baker for the second week in a row.

Earlier on in the show, viewers had been left fuming with the amount of technical issues they were experiencing with Channel 4's systems – including a lack of subtitles, audio issues and 'frozen' TV screens.

Taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations, one fan wrote: "No subtitles during #GBBO! Thanks @Channel4 now I got to rely on raw talent – the talent that is listening to what other people have to say instead of looking at the words on the bottom of my screen!"

The Great British Bake Off continues next Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4.

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