Harrison Ford reunited with lost credit card after British tourist finds it on beach

MOVIE star Harrison Ford has been reunited with his lost credit card — after a British tourist found it on a beach.

The Raiders of the Lost Ark star, 79, dropped it as he was strolling along the shore during a break from filming the fifth instalment of the movie franchise.

Fortunately for Harrison, who plays Indiana Jones and is said to be worth £300million, the holidaymaker recognised the name on the exclusive black Mastercard and handed it in.

Officers in Palermo, Sicily, quickly tracked the Hollywood A-lister down to a restaurant on nearby Mondello beach.

But the mystery Brit refused to accept any reward and only asked for a selfie with the star, which cops arranged.

Palermo police said: “He was delighted to get the card back as he was about to have lunch in a restaurant so possibly would have had problems paying.

“He was then happy to pose with the police chief and officers who helped locate him.”

A source said: “He had absolutely no idea he had even lost it and was delighted it had been found.

“He kept saying how good it was to know that there are some honest people out there.”

The stainless steel and carbon card has a $500 annual fee and is issued by invitation only.

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