Here’s when Disney+ is launching, what it will cost and what will be on it

Disney+ is poised to deliver.

Disney just unveiled new plans for its forthcoming streaming service, including the launch date, price and exclusive new content that fans will only be able to view with a subscription. Here’s what you need to know.

How much will Disney+ cost?

At $7 a month, Disney+ will be the cheapest streaming service on the market: Netflix is $11 per month, Hulu is $8 and Amazon Prime comes out to $8.99. HBO Now is tipping the scale at $14.99 a month. It’s possible (and likely) that the price will incrementally increase as Disney+ catalog grows.

Can you get a discounted rate? Actually, yes. Members of Disney’s D23 fan club can sign up for a three-year subscription at $3.92 a month.

Families (or mooching roommates) will be happy to know that unlike other platforms, there won’t be different tiers of pricing plans for multiple users. All subscribers will be able to create up to seven personalized profiles, and up to four separate people will be able to stream at the same time. That means if a kid wants to watch a movie at college while Dad is watching something back at home, neither is going to get that annoying static “Multiple users are using your account” screen.

What’s it cost in other countries? 9 Canadian dollars a month; 9 Australian dollars a month; in the Netherlands, 7 euros a month; 10 New Zealand dollars a month. Pricing plans for Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific are not yet known.

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