'He's Irish with muscles, what's not to like?' – Amber's best friend believes she and Greg are the real deal on Love Island

Love Island star Amber Gill’s long-time friend Mart Tweedy believes she and Greg O’Shea have what it takes to go the distance.

Mart said he’s thrilled to see Amber so relaxed and happy with the 24-year-old rugby player from Limerick, who arrived at just the right moment after her ongoing drama with Michael.

“He’s Irish with muscles, what’s not to like?” he told OK! magazine.

“He’s such a gentleman. Her mum thinks he’s a really nice guy. We’re really impressed with him. He’s exactly the type of person Amber would go for. They have the same humour and he gets her banter, which is what she needs.”

Tweedy said he was relieved Amber chose to couple up with Greg Griffiths, who had rejected her for show newcomer Joanna.

“I think Michael only wanted her back because he saw her laughing and happy with Greg. He was jealous,” he said.

“It would have been difficult for Amber to build trust with Michael. I think it would have brought back memories of when she was hurt in the past.”

Tweedy, who is running Amber’s social media account during her time on the show, also revealed that Amber would never have sex in the villa.

“Never in a million years. She’s been getting requests on Instagram from companies like Babestation and Pornhub,” he said. “They basically want her to do saucy photographs and videos.

“I’m messaging straight back and saying, ‘She wouldn’t be interested in this at all’.”

Meanwhile, Curtis Pritchard’s best friend does not believe his romance with Maura Higgins will last beyond the hit TV series.

His childhood friend, Chloe Hewitt, thinks the Longford grid girl is too overpowering for the Dancing With The Stars proessional.

Maura’s Instagram following has rocketed since she entered the Love Island villa a month ago.

Her coupling with the dancer hit rocky ground when they rowed over his involvement in Jordan Hames’ controversial move to flirt with new girl India behind girlfriend Anna Vakili’s back.

Hewitt told OK! magazine she is starting to warm to the pairing, but is not convinced it will work once the show is over.

“It could be a summer romance, and then they’ll come back to reality,” she said.

“I do believe Maura likes him. I love that she’s upfront and feisty, but I think she’s a bit overpowering.

“He’s found a bit of fun in Maura. Curtis is thinking about now and not the future.”

Hewitt said she believes Maura is Pritchard’s type.

“She’s gorgeous, but she also seems to have a lot of layers, and that could be intriguing to him. He would see her as a bit of a challenge,” she said.

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