His Dark Materials: Are there two worlds? Can you travel between worlds?

Episode two of His Dark Materials saw Lyra Belacqua (played by Dafne Keen) venture to London with the mysterious Mrs Coulter (Ruth Wilson), who had promised her to help locate Roger Parslow (Lewin Lloyd). During the instalment, viewers met other characters including Lord Boreal (Ariyon Bakare) who was carrying out sinister work for the Magisterium. One telling scene suggested he was not all he seemed and knew more than he was letting on.

Can you travel between worlds in His Dark Materials?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from His Dark Materials episode 2 and Philip Pullmans novels

In the episode, Lord Boreal met with a young man called Thomas (Robert Emms) as he stepped into another world which seemed closer to the viewer’s own.

As they sat drinking coffee, Boreal complimented Thomas on the beverage, saying it was better than in his world.

Thomas asked him why he’d been away for so long and where Boreal’s daemon was, before the snake emerged from the sleeve of the Magisterium official’s coat.

Clearly, Thomas understood there were multiple worlds and daemons but still seemed startled when the snake poked its head out.

Boreal also revealed he entered this second world through a “window” but nothing more was said of the matter.

Instead, Boreal instructed Thomas to keep spying for him but on who and to what end remained unknown.

The scene introduced the concept of different worlds, something audiences are going to see more of as the show goes on.

The Magisterium wants to keep the knowledge of the multiverse hidden from people and has even silenced those who learnt about it.

In Philip Pullman’s novels, there are many worlds with only some who can travel between them.

In the second book in the His Dark Materials trilogy called The Subtle Knife, it emerges windows can be cut to different worlds.

The knife is the implement which allows people to cut through the fabric of different worlds and traverse through them easily.

This is likely to be a big plot point going forward but for now it’s just another thing thrown into the mix.

In the novels, readers are informed of the existence of many different worlds with conscious lifeforms.

There isn’t a specific number and there could be billions of these parallel worlds yet to be discovered.

Speaking about adapting the novels, screenwriter Jack Thorne told media including Express.co.uk: “The important thing and the thing we said from the very moment we met Philip, we want to tell this story.

“I wanted to disappear really. I didn’t really want to be visible as a writer. I wanted to represent the soul of the books as well as we could.

“Where we’ve added stuff in, where we’ve changed stuff is been because we either thought there was something that we could do a bit differently – because it would fit the screen more or because we were aware we were going on a longer journey with this and that there were elements in the books we could bring forward and help make our story sing.”

His Dark Materials airs on BBC One on Sundays at 9pm and on HBO on Mondays in the US

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