His Dark Materials boss confirms work on series 3 has already started – and drops first spoilers

FANTASY drama His Dark Materials series 3 is “in the early stages of development.”

The executive producer and production designer of the top BBC show shared news that the third season is brewing.

Joel Collins told The Radio Times: “The world of season three is exceedingly weird and complicated.

“The complexity is stepped up in terms of the story, the visuals and the narrative.

“There’s very few of us in a very secret group doing early work, which is exciting and complex.

"We’re trying to solve the puzzle away from all the eyes and the noise. 

"And it’s that kind of really precious time you get before hundreds of people start asking questions.”

The show's creative teased fans by talking about new ideas for the upcoming season.

He said: “It’s all complicated, but I utterly have an idea of the Mulefa and what their world is, Asriel’s Republic is an amazing place.

“We obviously go to the land of the dead and what an exciting thing to think about and journey through.

"It’s literally a huge, complicated and brilliantly fun puzzle.”

The series 2 trailer teased an almighty clash between those protecting Lyra and her friend Will Parry, and Lord Boreal and the Magisterium.

The trailer starts with Lyra walking through a rip in her reality which was caused by Lord Asriel, her father.

She steps into a mysterious new world called Cittagazze – City of Magpies in Italian – and meets Will.

John Parry then explains that Will has taken control of the powerful 'subtle' knife, which can slice between two worlds, meaning his and Lyra's destinies become entwined.

Other new characters for season two include the witch queen Ruta Skadi, played by Jade Anouk.

There's also Giacomo Paradisi, the man who possesses the subtle knife, played by Terence Stamp.

Joining the cast for season two is Fleabag's 'hot priest' Andrew Scott, who plays Will's dad John Parry.

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The first season of His Dark Materials aired in November last year and is set to return to HBO on Monday, November 16.

His Dark Materials returns to BBC One this Sunday. Season 1 is available to stream in full on BBC iPlayer.

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