Holly Willoughby talks feeling sexy in This Morning body confidence admission

Holly Willoughby talked about feeling sexy when she looks in the mirror on This Morning.

Phil and Holly were joined by a Swedish sex expert, Asa Baav, who was giving tips on how to spice things up in the bedroom.

Blonde bombshell Holly was surprised by one of Asa's tips, recommending that organisation was key in scheduling time for each other.

She said scheduling sex didn't sound very sexy, and Asa agreed: "When I first heard about scheduling a sex life I thought 'oh my god, how unsexy', but actually anything that is important to us we should really invest in.

"Making time for and therefore scheduling our sex lives from time to time, we're very busy, if you've got kids you know you've got a lot of things going on," said Asa.

"It's making sure that you don't have to rush, and you really have this time and you can just connect with your partner."

Holly then wondered: "I wonder whether one of the biggest things is being confident in your own body?"

She continued: "It seems like before you can feel sexy with another person, you need to feel like when you look in the mirror you feel you are capable of being sexy.

"I think society dictates a certain way of looking. We're all about to tune into Love Island where they all look like the perfect bodies. Youth is always the sexiest thing, however, that's not the case is it?" asked Holly.

Asa agreed: "It's very important to come back to yourself and know your body and just be very comfortable. I have gone through a massive journey of being comfortable in my body, aligning myself with all the parts that I am."

The Swedish sex expert then told Holly about the art of yoni sunbathing, getting sun onto your private parts.

She also gave tips about reorganising your drawers and “less faffing about.”

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