How many episodes are in Landscapers?

Landscapers: Olivia Colman stars in HBO trailer

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Landscapers the new drama from HBO and Sky, charting the infamous journey of Susan (played by Olivia Colman) and Christopher Edwards (David Thewlis). Back in 1998, the couple murdered Susan’s parents – William and Patricia Wycherley at their home in Nottinghamshire. The show covers their story over the course of 15 years, right up until their eventual capture in 2014.

How many episodes are in Landscapers?

Premiering on December 6 in HBO in the USA and the following day on Sky Atlantic in the UK, Landscapers has been billed as a miniseries.

This will be a self-contained single season, so viewers shouldn’t expect the story to be picked up for a sequel.

In total, there will be four episodes, each lasting around an hour in length.

They will air weekly, with all four episodes covering the entire journey of the Edwards, from their initial crime all the way to capture.

What is Landscapers about?

Landscapers is a dark and disturbing journey, one that is sadly inspired by true events.

Back in 1998, the Edwards decided to murder Susan’s parents and bury their bodies in their garden.

For years, no one suspected anything had happened, with the Edwards’ known for being a friendly and unsuspecting pair – by all means as average as everybody else. 

One of the main reasons for getting away with the crime for so long was because Susan’s parents were believed to still be alive.

The couple managed to trick the Department of Work and Pensions by forging letters, convincing the authorities that the Wycherley’s were still in correspondence.

However, this came to an end in 2012, when the Edwards’ received a letter from the DWP requesting they meet William in person.

They wanted to do this because on record it was supposed to be his 100th birthday, making the visit a formality for the department.

This panicked the Edwards, with the pair making the hasty decision to move to France in order to avoid being caught by the police.

For a while, it looked as though they would be okay, but they soon ran out of money.

This forced their hands, leading them to email the British police and confess all their crimes.

In 2014, the pair were imprisoned for the murders, ending their 15-year long evasion.

Speaking to Sky, Colman talked about her excitement for the series, admitting that first and foremost, it was a “total love story”.

Colman explained: “It’s about a couple, the Edwards’, who we know from the very beginning have committed a crime – they’ve committed a murder.

“So, you automatically go, ‘Bad! Oh, awful people!’ But then you look into it more and you see that they are two gentle people who are very devoted to each other, and in love.”

While the content of the series is very dark, Sky has described the show as a “blackly comic, narratively playful true-crime drama”.

Landscapers premieres on December 6 on HBO in the USA. Season one will premiere on December 7 on Sky Atlantic and NOW in the UK.

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