Inside Man release date, cast, trailer, plot: When is it out?

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Inside Man is the latest miniseries coming to the BBC with a star-studded ensemble cast. Co-produced by the BBC and Netflix, the show is written and created by Steven Moffat. It will be following the story of three different people who cross paths in an unexpected way.

What is the release date of Inside Man?

Inside Man has been a long time coming, with the announcement of the series taking place nearly a year ago.

Since then, news regarding when viewers can expect the show has been limited, with the BBC revealing few details.

Currently, there is no official release date, but it will premiere in 2022.

Filming is believed to be complete, though this is unconfirmed, which would put the show on track for a summer 2022 release.

Regarding the show itself, Ben Iving, the Commissioning Editor of BBC Drama, said: “This will be a ‘must-watch’ when it lands on BBC One and iPlayer next year.

“Steven Moffat has created another brilliantly original and darkly playful series in Inside Man and it’s no surprise that it has attracted such an extraordinary cast.”

Moffat is best known for writing and producing Sherlock and Doctor Who, with the writer returning to helm the latter again following Jodie Whittaker’s run as the Time Lord.

Inside Man is directed by Paul McGuigan, with the filmmaker working on shows such as Emergence, Dracula, Luke Cage, and Sherlock.

Who is in the cast of Inside Man?

The main cast has been revealed, but the details surrounding their characters remain a mystery.

No character names have been confirmed, though it is known that Stanley Tucci will be playing the titular Inside Man.

Joining him in leading the series are Doctor Who’s David Tennant, Years and Years’ Lydia West, and The Outlaws’ Dolly Wells.

The wider cast includes Lyndsey Marshal, Atkins Estimond, Mark Quarterly, Tilly Vosburgh, Louis Oliver, Kate Dickie, and Dylan Baker.

Is there a trailer for Inside Man?

No, the BBC has not released a trailer for the show at this stage.

However, the network did drop a series of stills back in October, with the images revealing some of the stars in character.

Tucci, Tennant, and Wells can all be seen as their respective characters, alongside some of the wider cast.

If the show is aiming for a summer 2022 release window, the first trailer will likely drop in the coming months.

What is the plot of Inside Man?

Most of the plot remains unknown, but the overarching story has been revealed by the BBC.

The show will be following three main characters, all separated across the world, living independent and wildly different lives.

The first is a prisoner on death row (Tucci), the second is a Vicar in England (Tennant), and the third is a maths teacher trapped in a cellar (Wells).

They will all cross paths in an unexpected way, though just how has not been revealed.

Inside Man will premiere on BBC One, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix in 2022.

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