Is Showtrial on BBC based on a true story?

Showtrial: BBC release trailer for new drama series

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Showtrial is the BBC’s next big drama series following the impact prejudice has on courtroom proceedings. The story centres on one particularly harrowing court case, which will navigate the murky waters between the law and personal motive. Charting such a specific and detailed case, some viewers have questioned how real the story really is.

Is Showtrial on BBC based on a true story?

Showtrial is bringing together an impressive ensemble cast to tell its gritty tale.

Led by Bridgerton’s Celine Buckens, she is playing the murder suspect, Talitha Campbell, though her privileged background may get in the way of proceedings.

Joining her is Treadstone’s Tracy Ifeachor as solicitor Cleo Roberts, who will be at the deep end of the spiralling case.

Despite many similarities with some real-world events and cases, the story is a complete work of fiction.

This doesn’t take away from the important themes and messages of the show, as the showrunners wanted the stress the dangers of prejudice in court.

Creator and writer Ben Richards, said in a statement: “The right to a fair trial and the idea of reasonable doubt lie at the heart of a civilised society.

“Showtrial explores how they can be distorted by other factors, in a world where concepts such as fairness, doubt and reason are afforded such diminishing value.”

This statement was echoed by Piers Wenger, Controller of BBC Drama, who added: “Rich in character and truly contemporary, Showtrial follows the investigation of a serious crime as it grows from routine investigation to national talking point, charting the progress of the case and the mounting pressure on those on the inside.

“In Showtrial, Ben shows his powers as an independent thinker and an innovative storyteller, and we are delighted to be working with him and Simon Heath to bring this series to the BBC One.”

The story itself follows an investigation into the disappearance of university student Hannah Ellis (played by Abra Thompson).

Believe to be a murder victim, Talitha is quickly determined to be the prime suspect of the case.

Cleo is assigned to the case, and the two work together to try and prove her innocence in an investigation that sweeps headlines and takes an emotional toll.

The BBC already released a trailer for the series, highlighting the dark tone and complicated plot.

Told over five parts, the series will air weekly, as opposed to daily releases.

This has been done to keep audiences guessing throughout the various twists and turns the show has to offer.

Also joining the two main stars is a cast of familiar faces, including James Frain as Damian Campbell, Kerr Logan as James Thornley, and Lolita Chakrabarti as Meera Harwood.

Rounding out the main cast is Sinead Keenan as Paula Cassidy, Rebecca Grant as Niche Barie, and Sharon D Clarke as Virginia Hoult.

Showrunner Richards is best known for The Tunnel, Cobra, and Strike.

Richards has been writing and leading series for years, kicking off his career with The Fixer, and came to fame for his run on Spooks.

Showtrial will premiere on October 31 on BBC One at 9pm.

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