ITV Tipping Point viewers left cringing over unbelievable quiz round

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    A Tipping Point contestant left viewers at home cringing after giving a series of bizarre answers when quizzed by host Ben.

    As three new players joined Ben Shephard to win money on the coin machine, each took their turn answering a series of questions within the 30 second time limit in a bid to bag as many coins as possible.

    As players Max and Neil successfully answered several questions, it was Lydia’s turn to take on the host as she trailed behind her competitors.

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    But her answers left fans stunned as they appeared to be way off the mark.

    Ben asked a series of questions, including: “Released in May 2021, Higher Power is a UK top 20 single by which band?” She replied: “The Beatles,” with Ben telling her the answer was in fact Coldplay.

    Fans were stunned, with one saying: “The Beatles!!! So they separated in 1965 yesterday and now they are singing Coldplay songs??”

    Another question read: “During World War II, HMS Samuel was a mode of what underwater transport?” She answered “Boat” with the correct answer being submarine.

    “Ah yes, that well-known UNDERWATER transport – boat,” blasted one viewer.

    But it didn’t end there.

    Another question read: “In 2018 Riccardo Tisci became chief Creative Officer at which British luxury Fashion house?” Lydia replied “Harvey Nics,” in reference to a popular department store.

    “Fashion house …. Harvey nicks??” said one viewer, before another pointed out that it was not a fashion house, but a brick and mortar store.

    Unfortunately Lydia only managed to answer two questions correctly. One was a question about a baked good that contains a piece of paper typically served in Chinese restaurant, which she correctly answered as a fortune cookie.

    Despite her poor performance, she was a hit with viewers.

    “Your chances of winning have sunk, Lydia. Fare-thee-well,” said one fan.

    “#TippingPoint I think Lydia was a lovely person great contestant” said another.

    Neil was sent home in second place after a series of lucky drops from his rival Max.


    He managed to get the jackpot counter onto the bottom shelf but after getting a series of answers wrong he decided to take the money instead of risking it all for three extra turn on the machine.

    He went home with £2800.

    Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV1 and ITVX.


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