Jake Quickenden says being a father is the 'best thing that could have happened to him' ahead of baby Leo's operation

JAKE Quickenden said being a father is the "best thing that could have happened to him" ahead of adorable baby Leo's operation.

The X Factor star, 32, also opened up about is his "worries" about his son's procedure later this week.

Jake, who is currently supporting the Boycott your Bed campaign, explained that becoming a father has made him see things from different perspectives.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Jake said: "It’s incredible, I see things from different angles now that I am a dad. I’d never want Leo to go without or to struggle, that’s another reason why I wanted to do Boycott your Bed.

"Just being a dad, I honestly can’t describe it in words. I find myself smiling, it’s amazing watching him grow.

"I changed as soon as Sophie told me she was pregnant, I felt a change in me, just this feeling of overwhelming love.

"It’s been hard, I’m not going to sugar coat anything but you’ve got to work at it. It’s best thing that’s ever happened to me."

The TV star also opened up his "worries" over baby Leo's hernia operation this week.

Jake explained: "Obviously it’s not ideal but he’s going to be in the best hands and it needs doing.

"Luckily he’s not in pain with it, it can get more complicated when he gets older as it can strangulate one of his testicle.

"So it’s better to get it done, that’s what the doctors have said to us and they know what they are talking about. It’s going to be a bit of a stinker on Thursday.

"I’m going to take Sophie down to Cambridge where he is having it done and then I obviously have got to leave and Soph will stay with him because only one of us can be in there. I would love to be in there with them both."

Jake explained that the condition is quite common in young babies but said that it "it doesn’t make it any easier for him and Sophie."

He added: "Leo will go for a nice sleep and he will wake up and be absolutely fine and me and Soph will be worrying for absolutely no reason but it’s what you do as a parent."

The Dancing on Ice star also teased that he plans to pop the question to his stunning girlfriend at home, surrounded by loved ones.

He said: "It’s [the proposal] in the pipeline, it’s the next step as a couple.

"We have beautiful Leo and Freddie and a house. So obviously it’s going to be coming.

"I’m not going to give too much away on when. I think perfect proposal, I'm fairly simple and so is Sophie, I think that’s why we get on.

"I don’t think she’d want me to fly her out to Paris to the Eiffel Tower or do it in Dubai.

"We’d probably just do it maybe at home or something simple like that, just nice and all the people that we love and care about will be there, that's all you need.”

Jake will be joining a host of other celebrities including Lydia Bright, Giovanni Pernice and Laura Hamilton in support of Action for Children.

Jake added: "I think we have all struggled in this pandemic but there has been people that have struggled a lot more and sometimes we take for granted."

Boycott Your Bed is taking place on Friday 9th July to raise money for vulnerable children in the UK.

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