Jeff Brazier reveals emotional Christmas Day plans to visit Jade Goody's grave with sons Bobby and Freddie

JEFF Brazier has said he takes his sons Bobby and Freddy, to visit their late mother Jade Goody's grave at Christmas.

The TV presenter has been a pillar of strength to his sons, raising them as a single dad after their Big Brother star mum died of cervical cancer in 2009 at just 27 years old.

Speaking to Woman's Own, the 41-year-old told how he takes their teenage boys on Christmas morning to her grave to remember Jade.

He said: "We make the day about her, ultimately.

"After a couple of years, I recognised that if we didn't speak about Mum and do something for Mum at the beginning of the day, then the day didn't really go as well as a result.

"So we always visit her grave first thing on Christmas morning."

Last month, Jeff told us told how his sons Bobby and Freddy visit Jade's grave "as much as they can".

Following her untimely death 11 years ago, Jeff has made it his life's work to help parents learn how to cope with grieving children when he qualified as a grief councillor six years ago.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Jeff said: "We go to a special place, it's really not that far from where we are, and to be there in that environment, obviously we know that that is space and time to think about mum, to talk about mum, and to feel connected to her.

"[We visit] on all the special occasions. We go there as much as we can."

Talking about about his nan who he lost 20 years ago, he added: “Well, it was my first loss so I don't think any two losses are ever the same. And you obviously grieve differently.

"But that first one is incredibly difficult, I guess they all are. But I just remember it hitting me as a 20-year-old standing on the steps of the church where we had just been to the funeral, it was only then really that I broke down in tears and realise that this was a part of life that I hadn't actually experienced, thankfully, but also hadn't even contemplated that it existed.

"So it's a real jerk of a moment, a real shock to the system. And I don't think it matters whether you're 10, 20, 30 or any age, I think that that's exactly how we all feel when we're grief stricken for the first time."

Talking about grief, Jeff added: “It has taught me – and I've lost like five or six people – to make the most of the people that are here while we have them.

"So really enjoy those relationships, to try not to hang on to, to sort of difficulties and challenges that you face but just enjoy and embrace.

"You know, every cuddle and every exchange of wonderful words that you can give to your loved ones because ultimately, we don't really know what's around the corner and death teaches you more about life than it does anything else.”

The This Morning contributor, who gained full custody of the boys after Jade's death, said the public's support for Bobby, 17, and Freddy, 16, has been heart warming as they continue to thrive following her death.

He told us: "It’s lovely that there have been so many people that I think have kind of sort of invested in these children over the years.

"And I think that it's nice that obviously people were so involved when they lost their mum.

"For them to see that nearly 12 years on, they're doing well and they're thriving," he added. "They know that that's exactly what she would want."

"And I think there's a satisfaction in that, not just for me and my family, but for everybody that ever followed their mum.

"They just basically wanted to see these kids do okay. And we can see that they are. And I think that that's nice for everybody to see."

Jeff began dating Jade in 2002 and they were together for two years before they officially called time on the relationship.

Though the pair never released an official statement on the reason behind their 2004 split, Jeff revealed in the Channel 4 documentary Jade Goody: The Reality Star That Changed Britain that reports played a part.

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