Jo Davidson incest bombshell leaves Line of Duty viewers 'sick to their stomachs' – and fearing for her life

LINE of Duty viewers were left 'sick to their stomachs' following the Jo Davidson incest bombshell last night.

The DCI received the sickening news during a intense interrogation interview after she was arrested following the murder of DC Ryan Pilkington.

Jo admitted she was forced into a life of crime at the age of 16 by Tommy Hunter, her uncle.

What the copper did not know however, is that crime lord Tommy and raped her, mother who was his sister.

Therefore, Tommy is not only Jo's uncle, but also her father, and disgusted viewers took to Twitter to comment.

One fan write along with a sick emoji: "Feel sorry for Jo, just about to be sent down and being told that she’s a product of incest."

Another fan wrote: "i’m going to be sick, INCEST?????? #LineOfDuty."

A third fan wrote with a vomit emoji: "uncle and father of Jo! Tommy Hunter and incest?! Plot thickens further #LineofDuty."

While another viewer sighed: "So she is born from incest? Goodness me #LineofDuty."

Last week's epic cliffhanger saw PC Ryan Pilkington and DI Kate Fleming draw their guns on each other.

Last night, viewers found out that dodgy copper PC Ryan Pilkington had been killed by DI Kate Fleming after shooting him twice in the chest.

It appears that James Nesbitt's character Marcus Thurwell has already kicked the bucket, despite only being introduced in episode five.

The Spanish authorities were aiding AC-12 in their inquiries and managed to successfully track down Thurwell's location – only to find two lifeless bodies, one of which was identified as Marcus Thurwell.

Thurwell's death leaves more questions than answers, and with AC-12 now unable to question him – there is every chance he's taken vital information to the grave.

Catch the series finale of Line of Duty this Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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