Kate Garraway leaves Sturgeon rattled over dropping support ‘What more can you do?’

Garraway grills Sturgeon on Cost of Living crisis

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Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway rattled Nicola Sturgeon by stating most Scots don’t think the First Minister is “doing enough”. Swerving the conversation from misogyny in parliament to Scotland’s response to the cost of living crisis on the ITV show, Garraway asked: “What have you done?” as she presented Sturgeon with some unfavourable poll responses.

Referring to a recent poll, Kate pointed out: “It does say that most Scots think that you, Nicola Sturgeon, haven’t done enough on the cost of living crisis.”

She continued: “I’m sure that’s very frustrating for you to hear that that’s what they think.

“What more do you need to do and what have you not done?”

“Well, firstly, I think it’s understandable. People are really hurting and struggling right now,” the Scottish First Minister replied.

“And I don’t think when asked the question in a poll they will be particularly minded to say that any politician has done enough because not enough generally, is being done.

“My government has taken a lot of action, both in the immediate terms and the sense and the shape of help with energy bills right now.

“But in a longer-term sense, we’ve created a number of new social security benefits to try to help lift people out of poverty.

“The key one is what we call the Scottish Child Payment, which is giving £20 a week to families with children on the lowest income.”


On the issue of misogyny in parliament, Sturgeon admitted she thought things were worse now than when she first started in politics.

She added: “It’s a societal problem but there’s no doubt that it can be worse in politics and in public life.

“In some ways, I think it is worse today than it was when I started in politics-“

“In what way?” Garraway cut in. “Because I remember a Mail front page where you and Theresa May, both seriously powerful women at the time were pictured together and their headline was ‘Never mind Brexit, who won legs-it?’

“It was a comparison of your legs! Is that the sort of thing you’re talking about?”

“It’s not really,” Sturgeon admitted. “I mean that kind of thing is unacceptable.

“And women have been getting reduced to their body parts for as long as I can remember.

“And probably long, long before that as well. I think what I was talking about though was the toxic culture that frankly, social media plays a big part in.”

Some ITV viewers responded to Sturgeon and Garraway’s interaction on Good Morning Britain, with some insisting the hosts were disrespectful.

Twitter user @ScotsLass27 wrote: “@GMBThe total underlying disrespect for our democratically elected First Minister from @kategarraway @richardm56  is unprofessional.  #independence2023 can’t come quick enough!”

@arahcacbo commented: “@GMB Ironic they spoke about sexism – Addressing her as Nicola and strap line ‘Nicola Sturgeon MSP’ – ITV need to get a grip. Let’s see how they address  @BorisJohnson tomorrow. @NicolaSturgeon.”

Echoing this, @SMctoot penned: “@GMB And how does that clown, Madeley react? Calls her Nicola and not First Minister. Is he going to call the PM Boris??”

@harryhastings added: “@GMB Presenters are an absolute joke. Been talking about sexual harassment for weeks but don’t ask Sturgeon anything about the male and female SNP mp’s that are being charged with it in Westminster. @richardm56 @kategarraway. Instead, she was allowed a party political broadcast.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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