Kendall Jenner gets restraining order against man who 'plotted to KILL her' after trespasser 'swims naked in her pool'

KENDALL Jenner got a restraining order against a man who "plotted to KILL her" after a trespasser "swam naked in her pool."

The young model has been playing with the idea of moving from her home after multiple stalkers have found where she lives.

Kendall, 25, has had quite a scary weekend as she's had to beef up her security team – who is already surrounding her home 24/7 – following two men threatening her safety in two different events.

TMZ revealed that Kendall was forced to run to the courts on Monday to get a temporary restraining order to protect her from a 24-year-old man named Malik Bowker, whom she claimed traveled cross-country to kill her.

The judge granted her request and order that Bowker must stay 100 yards away from her at all times.

According to court docs obtained by TMZ, Kendall claimed that an LAPD detective alerted her of the potential attacker's alleged plans.

She further claimed in the docs that he had planned to buy an illegal firearm to kill her and them himself.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star further claimed that police told her the man is currently being held on a temporary psychiatric hold at a local hospital but said he would be released soon.

She alleged in the docs that she's never met the man, but that his alleged threats are causing her emotional distress and anxiety – Kendall has always talked about her anxiety and panic attacks.

This new restraining order comes after her security team found a naked man taking a swim in her pool.

According to TMZ's police sources, a 27-year-old man made his way into Kendalls home on Sunday at 2 a.m.

He then began to knock on all the windows while yelling her name.

Kendall, scarily enough, was home and had to make her way into a safe location, as her security team tracked the intruder down.

They found him completely naked and ready to jump in her pool.

According to the sources, he was detained by security before the cops showed up and arrested him for misdeamonor trespassing.

Luckly, he never got to Kendall.

The intruder spent only six hours in jail due to Covid-19 protocols.

Sources also revealed to TMZ that due to the latest string of threats, Kendall has been toying with the idea of moving.

Sadly, Kendall is no stranger to intruders and stalkers as she moved out of her last home after a series of run-ins with intruders and even a burglar.

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