Lily hurls vicious insult at Stacey in showdown over online cams in EastEnders

Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) was rocked by the realisation that daughter Lily (Lillia Turner) had discovered her online cam work in EastEnders, and faced humiliation as she revealed all to the rest of the Slater clan.

Struggling to put food on the table amid the cost of living crisis, Stacey turned to a site called Secret Cams in order to earn some extra cash by selling pictures of hersellf.

As things became more desperate, Stacey accepted an offer to show her face on camera for £100, though this would soon prove to be her downfall.

After dropping Lily off at school and meeting with the principal, Stacey was recognised by a group of students from her Secret Cams posts.

When Lily caught wind of what her mum had been up to, she furiously confronted her in front of the rest of the family, exposing her cam work to the stunned Slaters.

While Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) stood up for Stacey, pointing out that it was her body and her choice, Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) struggled to get her head round it.

As the Slater family fractured, Stacey sat down with Martin Fowler (James Bye), who encouraged her to go to the parents committee at Lily’s school to stand up for her against the bullies, despite Mr Morden’s advice to stay away.

At the meeting, Stacey was faced with the judgemental parents of Lily’s peers, but she soon put them in their place by revealing that people had to pay to see her content, meaning that the women should be looking into their husbands, rather than their kids who don’t have credit cards.

When Stacey arrived home, she found that furious Lily had locked her out of the house.

Martin encouraged her to give Lily some space, though Stacey was desperate to explain things.

When Stacey returned later that evening, it appeared that the dust was yet to settle, as Lily emerged with a few choice words to say.

She revealed that the whole school now new about Stacey’s line of work, and that Stacey had made things ten times worse than they were before.

Lily screamed that she wasn’t her mum, labelling her a ‘dirty slapper’ before slamming the door.

Heartbroken Stacey walked away from the house, wondering what she could possibly do to fix the situation.

Will the Slaters ever recover from this?

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