Long Lost Family’s heartbreaking story of newborn baby ‘dumped’ in a carrier bag

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Long Lost Family viewers know only too well how heartbreaking some of the stories that feature can be. None more so than in ITV show’s spin off series, Long Lost Family Born Without Trace.

The show, presented by Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell, follows adults who were abandoned as babies starting their search to find out more about their roots and where they came from.

In tonight’s episode of the show, host Davina introduces viewers to the heartbreaking tale of Rachel Selby – who, as a two year old baby, was abandoned on the steps of a Church, wrapped in a carrier bag.

Davina explains: “Rachel Selby’s story begins in the late 1980s when Liverpool police got a shocking phone call – a baby had been left outside a Church. ”

“When they arrived on the scene, they found baby Rachel wrapped up warm in a carrier bag.”

While Rachel knows how she was found, she’s never been back to the Church – until now.

For the first time, Rachel and the Long Lost Family team head back to where her life changed forever, as she meets with the Priest who lived next door to ask him more about what happened.

It’s then that Rachel discovers that she was actually found on the doorstep of his Presbytery.

What’s more, the Priest believes Rachel’s mum wasn’t a stranger and must have known him and his Church and had therefore chosen to leave her in a safe place.

While Rachel, now a mum-of-two herself, takes great comfort from his words, she’s still left wanting to know more about her true identity.

Opening up about her past while reading an old paper cutting pleading for her mum to come forward, she tells viewers: “That’s me, I was the ‘dumped’ one.”

Rachel adds: “She obviously felt she couldn’t come forward for whatever reasons they were. I think she must have been very, very scared at the time.”

She continues that she desperately wants the answers to some burning questions, including: “Did she talk to anybody? Did she have help? Was she ok? There’s so many questions…”

Adding why now feels like the right time to get those answers, Rachel continues: “I always knew I was left on Church steps. It was a painful subject. I didn’t choose to talk about it a great deal, it’s not the nicest start to your life.”

“I have always avoided where I was abandoned. I think now the time’s right for me to face that fear of the unknown.”

Long Lost Family Born Without a Trace airs tonight on ITV at 9pm

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