Love Island fans convinced producers stepped in after Shaq and Haris epic row

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    Love Island fans are fuming after watching Shaq and Haris smooth things over following their argument last night.

    In Thursday's episode (January 19), things turned tense when Haris asked newcomer David about his kiss with Tanya, while Shaq was sat just a few seats down.

    Hearing their conversation, Shaq immediately chimed in: "You're so annoying bro, you do this all the time, just relax."

    "Shut the f*** up," responded the 21-year-old before Shaq fumed: "You shut the f*** up you f***ing p****."

    As the boys were taken to separate parts of the villa to cool down, fans were forced to wait a whole 24 hours before they found out what happened next.

    During Friday's episode (January 20), the lads addressed the situation as Haris told Shaq: "The only thing that got to me, to call me a s**t stirrer is a big thing."

    The 24-year-old responded: "I feel in certain situations, you don't necessarily read the room. No one has spoken to me about how I felt about the challenge, and then the first thing for you to say was that to David, I thought it was disrespectful."

    He added: "I get that you're young but sometimes you need to understand certain situations. It felt like you were trying to stir the pot."

    As the airport security guard continued to tell Haris that he needs to learn how to react properly in certain situations, the 21-year-old hit back: "Stop trying to dad me."

    "You're just trying to put me down by saying I'm an immature kid," Haris raged.

    As the duo continued to bicker, they decided to put the conversation to bed after failing to come to a mutual conclusion.

    But their discussion didn't sit well with fans who accused producers of setting up the chat, as it was clear the boys were "not ready" to resolve the issue.

    One penned: “Producers setting up fake apologies. dem man were not ready to chat #LoveIsland."

    "I’m pretty sure the producers tell the islanders to squash whatever beef they have because if that was me I’d hold a grudge every day I’m in there," echoed a second user.

    Another questioned: "Do the producers tell them to go and talk to who they have an issue with #LoveIsland."

    While a fourth wrote: "“That felt like producer intervention trying to make them apologise, like the luca debacle last year idk #loveisland.”

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